Jazz2Online news for May 2018

Permalink JazzJackrabbit.net National Tournament signups are open May 22nd 2018

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The well known clan competition site JazzJackrabbit.net is bringing back the National Tournament. This is a tournament in which nations will fight each other for the glory of being the best nation in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 multiplayer. Every nation of the world is eligible to play!

Signups have already been started! So hurry up, because the signups will close at may 31st.

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Permalink People are doing things May 17th 2018

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Quick news bit:

The week of the Birthday Hullabaloo is over—the server is down, the GOG.com sale is ended, and I think we've all learned a little about ourselves. You can still visit the anniversary portal anytime you want, though, and the results from the giveaway have now been posted. Go see if you won, congratulate the winners, and be sure to read through all the really fantastic memories posted over the last week. Violet CLM

Permalink Boss Key Productions shuts down May 15th 2018

Source: https://twitter.com/therealcliffyb/status/996092708971274245

With leaving of Arjan Brussee from BossKey Productions to Epic Games last year and failing of their main game LawBreakers. We already saw dark clouds hanging above the development studio.

Today Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski announced on Twitter that the doors of Boss Key will be shut down for good and Cliffy retiring (for now) from the games industry to reflect on his life and focus on family matters.

We of Jazz2online wish godspeed to Cliffy and hope on a quick recovery back to game designing.


Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Birthday Hullabaloo begins May 7th 2018

Source: twenty.jazz2online.com

The Birthday Hullabaloo event has begun! Check out our brand-new Birthday Hullabaloo web portal for all the information you need, including:
  • Information about the multiplayer server, including screenshots of almost 600 different Battle and CTF maps
  • A community timeline of important dates and events from 1977 to today
  • Link to our newest giveaway, partnering with Epic Games to give away free signed Jazz Jackrabbit 2 CDs
  • Link to GOG’s weeklong lowest-ever sale for JJ1 and JJ2
  • Funky graphics

Or, join the server directly from here!


Permalink Birthday Hullabaloo Event Volunteering May 4th 2018

As noted in our last news post, this Monday marks the start of Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Birthday Hullabaloo, a weeklong celebration of the twenty years since Jazz 2 first entered stores. A multiplayer server is scheduled to go up Monday at 11 AM UTC. It will mostly resemble anniversary bash servers, hosting hundreds of Battle and CTF levels from past bashes and switching between gamemodes from time to time as appropriate.

But we’re also taking a page from JDC and introducing daily events in the Birthday Hullabaloo server. These can be anything—an already popular gamemode in a more specialized set of levels than the general bash, a gamemode that doesn’t otherwise get played enough, whatever.

So if you’re interested in helping out in the Birthday Hullabaloo, this is your chance! We have seven volunteer slots, one per day, for people interested in taking over the server for an hour or two. Events should start within an hour of 6 PM UTC. To show your interest (sooner better than later), please contact me in one of the following ways and tell me about what event you’d like to run and what dates are compatible with your schedule:
  • Email: violetclm@gmail.com
  • Skype: violetclm@hotmail.com
  • Discord: Violet CLM in the Jazz Jackrabbit discord channel
  • J2O: post a comment here on this news post or send me a private message, letting me know how I can contact you

Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Birthday Hullabaloo May 3rd 2018

(image source: U2 JCF thread)

The festivities aren’t over yet, folks! This Monday, May 7th marks the twentieth anniversary of the retail release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 across mainland Europe, the first time we got to finally buy and play the game. To celebrate this big date, Jazz 2 Online will be teaming up with Epic Games and GOG.com for a weeklong celebration starting Monday, including a multiplayer server hosting levels from all twenty anniversary bash packs.

Exact details for the celebration are still being hashed out, but expect an awesome giveaway and a dedicated anniversary web portal. Stay tuned for more news in the days ahead, and get ready to get your rabbit on!

Update 1: Want to run your own event in the multiplayer server? Click here for details.
Update 2: It’s started!
Update 3: It’s over.