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Permalink Results Are In January 26th 2022

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The 2021 JCS Awards have concluded, our annual get-together to honor and vote for the best levels (and other creations) of the last year in our cozy Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community. Here’s a preview of the results, but click through for vote totals, runners-up, and commentary:

Best Battle Level of 2021
🥇Crown of Thorns – PurpleJazz
🥈Landfall – Loon
🥉BioMess – Lynx

Best Bee Tournament Level of 2021
🥇BioMess – Lynx
🥈You Arena – Superjazz
🥉Acid Reign – cooba

Best CTF Level of 2021
🥇Sand Castle – Lynx
🥈Erathia – Superjazz
🥉Syri i Kaltër – Loon

Best Single Player Release of 2021
🥇Jazz of the Jungle – Violet CLM
🥈Lori Fortress – Primpy
🥉Mystery of the Four Artifacts (Plus Edition) – chandie

Best Eyecandy of 2021
🥇Crown of Thorns – PurpleJazz
🥈BioMess – Lynx
🥉King of Wuwang Hill / Wuwang Bang Bang – Violet CLM

Best Level Script of 2021
🥇Jazz of the Jungle – Violet CLM
🥈Frogavia V2.5 – TreyLina
🥈Mystery of the Four Artifacts (Plus Edition) – chandie
🥉Lori Fortress – Primpy

Best Tileset Conversion of 2021
🥇Hakuna Matata – chandie
🥈Lapper Festive – Violet CLM
🥉Inferno ß – chandie

Best JCSer of 2021
🥇Violet CLM

Congratulations to all! While we’re on the subject, our top scientists have finally come to a conclusion about the last J2O poll:

How many rabbits are bonus bunnies?
One 8 votes (17%)
Seven 24 votes (51%)
One per level 7 votes (14%)
One per warp 6 votes (12%)
Other 2 votes (4%)
Total votes: 47

The new poll is about Bilsy, a fully functional boss who was coded for JJ2 but didn’t appear until the Holiday Hare 98 expansion (with an alternate set of graphics). Which official single player level seems best suited for Bilsy, if you were making a director’s cut version of JJ2 or something?

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