Mystery of the Four Artifacts (Plus edition)

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4 Jan 2018 at 19:32 (Minor update on 18 Jun 2021)

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mo4a_readme.txt 4.44 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a.j2l Mystery of the 4 Artifacts 1.98 kB 03 Jun 2021
mo4a_0.j2l CARROTUS 21.11 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_0_cutscene.j2l CARROTUS 1.08 kB 18 May 2021
mo4a_1-1.j2l AZTECIUS 20.98 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-1_revisited1.j2l AZTECIUS 20.44 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-1_revisited2.j2l AZTECIUS 16.88 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-2.j2l AZTECIUS 20.53 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-2_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.87 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-3.j2l AZTECIUS 19.97 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-3_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.39 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-4.j2l AZTECIUS 25.57 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-4_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.34 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_1_cutscene.j2l AZTECIUS 2.06 kB 10 Sep 2020
mo4a_2-1.j2l ARABIUS 22.08 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-1_revisited1.j2l ARABIUS 21.96 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-1_revisited2.j2l ARABIUS 14.06 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-2.j2l ARABIUS 16.14 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-2_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.12 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-3.j2l ARABIUS 20.34 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-3_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.33 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-4.j2l ARABIUS 25.05 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-4_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.14 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_2_cutscene.j2l ARABIUS 1.50 kB 11 Sep 2020
mo4a_3-1.j2l ATLANTIUS 16.85 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1_revisited1.j2l ATLANTIUS 15.35 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1_revisited2.j2l ATLANTIUS 6.82 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-2.j2l ATLANTIUS 18.06 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-2_save.j2l Save Your Game 2.83 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-3.j2l ATLANTIS 20.99 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-3_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.38 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-4.j2l ATLANTIUS 18.03 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-4_save.j2l Save Your Game 0.85 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_3_cutscene.j2l ATLANTIUS 2.29 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1.j2l TIBETIUS 19.32 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1_revisited1.j2l TIBETIUS 11.09 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1_revisited2.j2l TIBETIUS 10.97 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-2.j2l TIBETIUS 17.79 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-2_save.j2l Save Your Game 0.86 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-3.j2l TIBETIUS 27.46 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-3_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.21 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-4.j2l TIBETIUS 23.62 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-4_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.12 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-5.j2l TIBETIUS 1.35 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-5_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.39 kB 11 Jun 2021
mo4a_4_cutscene.j2l TIBETIUS 1.24 kB 10 Sep 2020
mo4a_credits.j2l Credits 1.40 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_FINALE.j2l CARROTUS 2.72 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_FINALE_123.j2l CARROTUS 3.24 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_INTRO.j2l CARROTUS 3.29 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_intro_123.j2l CARROTUS 3.40 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save.j2l Save Your Game 1.22 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save2.j2l Save Your Game 1.28 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save3.j2l Save Your Game 1.32 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save4.j2l Save Your Game 1.33 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save5.j2l Save Your Game 1.25 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save5_123.j2l Save Your Game 1.26 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_save6.j2l Save Your Game 1.20 kB 03 Jun 2021
Arabian Castle.j2t Arabian Castle 190.29 kB 31 Aug 2020
Arabian Cave.j2t Arabian Cave 190.47 kB 13 Sep 2020
Arabian Empire.j2t Arabian Empire 205.56 kB 23 Jul 2020
Atlantis Empire-lite.j2t Atlantis Empire-lite 273.39 kB 24 Nov 2019
Atlantis Island-lite.j2t Atlantis Island-lite 255.02 kB 05 Aug 2020
Atlantis Underwater Lab.j2t Atlantis Underwater Lab 183.22 kB 24 Nov 2019
Aztec Empire.j2t Aztec Empire 282.61 kB 11 Jul 2020
Aztec Temple.j2t Aztec Temple 227.33 kB 27 Jan 1980
Aztec Woods.j2t Aztec Woods 272.49 kB 20 Sep 2020
Royal Dungeons.j2t Royal Dungeons 191.03 kB 03 Jun 2021
Royal Gardens.j2t Royal Gardens 186.87 kB 23 Nov 2019
Tibet Empire.j2t Tibet Empire 189.24 kB 04 Jan 2018
Tibet Mountains.j2t Tibet Mountains 235.67 kB 17 Sep 2020
Tibet Temple.j2t Tibet Temple 250.86 kB 23 Aug 2020
gh-tcv.xm The Corsair's Voyage 597.55 kB 29 Jun 2016
indian_ritual.xm Indian Ritual Intro 1137.32 kB 08 Feb 2015
pharaoh.xm Pharaoh's Believe 1086.68 kB 16 May 2000
lwe_a7.mod Breaking the Waves 553.47 kB 08 Nov 2001
MIDNIGHT.S3M 577.44 kB 27 Dec 1996
Warlord.s3m Warlord Theme 643.09 kB 03 Nov 2011
mo4a_ The Lava Stream (Reprise 2).ogg 456.05 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_AncienLavaTemple.ogg 473.46 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_Carnaval2m07.ogg 225.21 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_Cuckoo.ogg 738.84 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_Doc's Cave.ogg 1141.62 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_Riding the Shell.ogg 822.12 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_Rock and Lava.ogg 1753.01 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_South Plain - Part 1.ogg 1403.83 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_The Carpet Chase.ogg 1252.20 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_The Golden City.ogg 1241.20 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_The Lava Stream (Reprise 2).ogg 457.83 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_Umber's Sacrifice.ogg 517.22 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a.j2as 3.88 kB 03 Jun 2021
mo4a_0.j2as 17.34 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_0_cutscene.j2as 5.64 kB 18 May 2021
mo4a_1-1.j2as 19.41 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-1_revisited1.j2as 17.55 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-1_revisited2.j2as 15.91 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-2.j2as 40.82 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-3.j2as 16.97 kB 15 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-4.j2as 25.64 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_1_cutscene.j2as 3.46 kB 11 May 2021
mo4a_2-1.j2as 18.12 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-1_revisited1.j2as 15.86 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-1_revisited2.j2as 14.23 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-2.j2as 7.08 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-3.j2as 27.65 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-4.j2as 34.11 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_2_cutscene.j2as 3.54 kB 11 Sep 2020
mo4a_3-1.j2as 25.12 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1_revisited1.j2as 23.76 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1_revisited2.j2as 6.15 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-2.j2as 19.97 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-3.j2as 25.56 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-4.j2as 35.74 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3_cutscene.j2as 3.39 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1.j2as 29.92 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1_revisited1.j2as 18.95 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1_revisited2.j2as 23.20 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-2.j2as 10.01 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-3.j2as 37.75 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-4.j2as 31.55 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-5.j2as 26.59 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4_cutscene.j2as 3.67 kB 10 Sep 2020
mo4a_credits.j2as 4.05 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_FINALE.j2as 7.36 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_FINALE_123.j2as 7.36 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_INTRO.j2as 4.48 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_intro_123.j2as 4.48 kB 12 Jun 2021
MLLE-DefaultWeapons.asc 15.19 kB 22 Aug 2019
MLLE-Weapons.asc 47.25 kB 06 Sep 2019
mo4a_1.pal 1.01 kB 13 Sep 2020
mo4a_3.pal 1.01 kB 13 Sep 2020
MLLE-Include-1.4.asc 9.55 kB 04 Nov 2018
MLLE-Include-1.5.asc 12.62 kB 04 Jun 2021
MLLE-Include-1.5w.asc 13.16 kB 04 Jun 2021
mo4a_1-2-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 6.50 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-2-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 3.13 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_2-3-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 5.83 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 3.67 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1_revisited1-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 3.98 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-1_revisited2-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 2.82 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_3-3-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 5.82 kB 17 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 6.02 kB 18 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1_revisited1-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 4.33 kB 14 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-1_revisited2-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 4.26 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-2-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 5.05 kB 12 Jun 2021
mo4a_4-4-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 8.27 kB 12 Jun 2021


Years after the initial release I have decided to come up with the craziest idea, applying what I’ve practiced in angelscript and update this pack. Enjoy. :)


+ The new version of the pack, being relatively shorter, consists of 17 main levels (21 with revisits), loosely based on the original map design of the non-plus edition.
+ The tilesets almost remain the same with slight improvements and new palettes.
+ With most of the gameplay is now renewed, apart from the story and the main objectives, MO4A+ offers new game mechanics with newly invented objects, enemies and pickups.
+ Thanks to the JJ2+ features, the non-linear nature of the pack was executed in a much more organic way with the player being able to save her/his triggered objects and essential pickups with extendable checkpoints.


Jazz and Eva’s daughter Ela was murdered by Devan Shell. Merlin and his ward, Bonus offer to use Devan’s time machine to go back in time to save Ela. Unfortunately the machine has some parts missing: Four mysterious artifacts (aka Time Freezers), each hidden in four different ancient empires.
Jazz/Spaz/Lori, guided by Bonus, are now back in action, visiting ancient empires, collecting each four artifacts to get the time machine work, and save the beloved princess.


The pack consists of 4 Empires: Aztec, Ancient Arabia, Atlantis, Tibet (plus a training level in the Earlong Castle).
Each empire has a hub area which opens the gates for the sub areas.
Each empire contains 3 platin tokens, scattered around the areas. Tokens must be collected to open the gates to the temples to retrieve each Time Freezer.


The pack won’t work properly unless you have the assets below:

- Jazz1 Enemies v.05

- Kangaroo

- MLLE Editor

- MLLE Weapons

- SE Weapons


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Quick Reviews Average: 7

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 7

I agree that the level design is often rather laborious gameplaywise, and visually uneven (some colour mismatching, and that has to be the worst rain effect I’ve ever seen in JJ2). However, I enjoyed the variety of areas and the effort that went into visual storytelling, and I love the Arabius and Tibetius tilesets; alone they’re worth a download.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.6

RecommendedReview by Bloody_Body

7 Jan 2018, 10:18 (edited 22 Jan 18, 13:46)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings32 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness93%

I agree with AvalancheMaster and PJ. I’d just like to whine a little bit more about graphics and gameplay.

Whining about grafics.
I highly appreciate the ideas of writing a proper storyline and creating brand-new tileset conversions, but the realisation of the last isn’t that good. The quality of graphic inclusions is far inferior than of the original Nick Stadler’s masterpieces. I think it would be much better just to combine original tilesets with each other – remember Rage of Aquarius or Scorpio Key? They are so harmonic! It would be really great if the inclusions fit the original drawing style but they don’t. And the quality of the recolors isn’t the best I’ve ever seen.

Whining about gameplay.
When I started playing the episode, my first reaction was like “WOW! What a great and original piece of work it is! I wonder why its rating is so low?” However the more I played the more I felt bored and the more I agreed with the rating. After 10th level or so I couldn’t help typing “JJNEXT” just in order to have a glimpse of all of the levels. How many of them you’ve made? 50? Oh, God. Sorry. It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of effort in them, but the repetiveness kills all the gameplay. It’s simply tedious. Making true single player Jazzers endure this gameplay is like making Usein Bolt search for a lost sock in each of 50 huge and messy rooms. JJ2 is supposed to be a fast paced game, isn’t it?

P.S. It’s not easy to rate this episode as a higher rating could sometimes be given to a small level wich was done in one evening. And you’ve put so much effort in your work. I appreciate your enthusiasm, creativity and diligence!

4 of 5 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Slaz

4 Apr 2018, 17:38 (edited 4 Apr 18, 17:39)
Spaz Slackrabbit (122 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

I played this pack in small doses after it’s release to overcome the repetitiveness that people were experiencing, but I still like to give it a little review.

This episode basically consists of a Carrotus hub world, which leads to 4 worlds somehow inspired by human history and myths. In turn these 4 worlds have their own hub, or Central Area, that leads to several levels. I love how the tilesets used are Chandie’s own arrangements of JJ2’s original sets, often with modified palettes to serve a different purpose and combined with oddly photorealistic looking temple-ish graphics similar to Tomb Rabbit.

The story is basic but slightly more portrayed than your average single player. Jazz and Eva’s daughter got killed by Devan and original character Merlin will help Jazz and Bonus (the Coin Bunny) go back in time to get it undone. For this they need 4 ‘Time Freezers’ scattered in historic locations. For some reason Bonus wants coins for every warp they make. While silly, I liked that Bonus had some character with funny texts and unexpected places where he showed up.

Gameplay mostly involves you searching an area for a lot of trigger switches, which in turn open up the exit or lead to coins needed to go to the next level. Ammo is plenty but other pickups such as food are very scarce. Some levels like Temple of Sun or Alibaba’s Cave are pretty well designed while others, especially the Central Areas, felt more empty and dull. I also disliked the morph sections where you often had to open up an area with Jazz’s high jump, only to return and come back as Spaz to finally get that coin. That often repeated several times in each Central Area.

So long story short, the hub worlds are kind of repetitive and meh, while most ‘real’ levels are pretty good and well-made as vanilla levels.

Level specific things that stood out to me:
Temple of Sun, among some other levels, had nice animated tile traps, as well as Toaster fire cannons.
I liked the perspective of the doors in Cave of Wonders, as well as the pun on the bosses’ name there.
Poseidon Islands had a nice escape level with flashy lights, and cool stuff like that.
The later bosses, Alchemist and the Devan tank thing, were pretty well made.

Specific things I didn’t like:
West Desert had a very unclear long jump, even with the trigger platform slightly giving it away.
Too many trigger switches is a general problem, but Atlantis Central Area topped it all.
Atlantis’ underwater lab had a very unclear path, and no guaranteed TNT to progress.
In general TNT usage was confusing, and hindered progression in Atlantis.
Buddha’s Temple in particular had confusing tile masks a lot.
The ending felt a bit rushed.

Now for some problems:
In Temple of Sun, the last checkpoint gets you stuck in a wall after dying.
The Arabius Intro’s next level leads to itself after pressing ‘space’, but jjnext does work.
The 2nd time in Atlantis Central area, Bonus has incorrect text ID set.
Tibetius has a tube that exits right under a Demon enemy, and it’s easy to get stuck inside the corners of temple roofs.
The 2 times Chandie knew a trigger door was bugged were annoying (in Atlantis’ ship & Buddha’s Temple). Bonus does tell you to walk back a bit to make it work with varying results.
Some music files near the end may be missing?

Overall I do recommend this if you can enjoy vanilla single player, have some patience, and can look through some oddities here and there. This is not Chandie’s ‘ultimate episode’ or something but still worth a play even if you just jjnext the hub worlds to reach the better levels.

2 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by WaterRabbit

22 Sep 2021, 21:28
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings33 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

Playing through the new version, I seem to be experiencing a bug. In mo4a_0.j2l when I turn on the switch to make the platform move, the camera doesn’t return to the character’s position. I tried using jjk but then I couldn’t move at all.

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by chandie

28 Oct 2021, 19:58
Turtle Goon (97 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

Hey WaterRabbit, thanks for the feedback. By pressing DOWN you need to stop the platform. The point is to reposition the platform to climb up higher. Then the camera should move back to the character. If it still does not work then please let me know and I’ll try to find a different solution.

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

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