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Permalink Anniversary Bash 24 upcoming, and pinball contest March 19th 2022

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The Anniversary Bash is an annual event celebrating the release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (April 9th, 1998). A dedicated server with a pre-prepared levellist is hosted for the duration of the nearest weekend to this date, for 4 days straight. This server typically comprises the largest gathering of players in the JJ2 calendar, with several “oldies” usually making a guest appearance. And it’s coming up again! This year’s bash is tentatively scheduled for April 8th to April 11th, 2022: clear your calendars now!

In keeping with past years, the Bash server will assemble a list of Battle levels and another list of Capture the Flag levels, Jazz 2’s most popular multiplayer gamemodes, and host them on alternating days, with the two rerun days usually featuring a lot of alternate gameplay styles added by the JJ2+ community patch. Some of the levels will be longstanding favorites but there are always a lot of levels included that were released in the last year, and there’s still time to get your own work featured in the bash if you release something by April 6th! Check out the JCF thread for the full details, or past years’ level packs for inspiration.

Or if you want some extra incentive to make a level, or else want an excuse to make something a little less conventional than a Battle/CTF map, a new Pinball Contest has begun, encouraging people to make a JJ2 playable experience that’s related to pinball somehow. The prize is a pinball platformer video game and submissions for the contest will be open for at least a month.

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