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Permalink Ori 40% off June 19th 2015

Source: Steam

When last we posted about Ori and the Blind Forest, that pretty platformer game from et and EvilMike (and some other people), it had literally just come out. Most of the comments were either surprise at the news, initial impressions based on screenshots or videos, or discussion of finances in other countries.

But it’s been a while! Have you played it by now? Do you agree with what Steam calls its “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception? And if you don’t have it, it’s on sale for 40% off and will be for the next thirty-eight or so lots and lots of hours, so I guess now’s your chance.

(Noogy’s Dust, meanwhile, is a whole 66% off, bringing it down to just five bucks.)


Permalink A poll, for you June 12th 2015

Best JJ2 episode?
Formerly a Prince 4 votes (11%)
Jazz in Time 7 votes (19%)
Flashback 14 votes (38%)
Funky Monkeys 3 votes (8%)
Shareware Demo 5 votes (13%)
Holiday Hare '98 0 vote (0%)
The Secret Files 3 votes (8%)
Total votes: 36

However cool Colonius, Carrotus and whatever the other new planets are named were, apparently JJ1’s locales still trump them.

It’s been a slow few weeks in the world of Jazz Jackrabbit. What gets you pumped about the game? New levels? Tournaments? Or is everyone just busy with work or school? Find out in this month’s poll!!