Jazz2Online news for November 2021

Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 1 gets new patch after 27 years November 12th 2021

GOG.com’s distribution of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 has been updated with a new patch (both on the website and in the GOG Galaxy client) that fixes bugs in several levels:

  • Fixed an issue that made it nearly impossible to finish Orbitus 2.
  • Fixed areas that should force you to ditch your hoverboard in Medivo 1, Turtemple 2, and Pezrock 2.
  • Fixed Jungrock leaves failing to detect the player.
  • Fixed Battleships 2 cannons; they now actually fire.
  • Fixed episodes 3 & 4 and A & B preview images being swapped.
  • Amended the launcher Batch program to allow access to the Holiday Hare settings menu.

This patch was not made by Epic Games themselves, but instead represents the hard work and research of a team of community members. If you don’t own Jazz 1 through GOG.com, or you want more information about the changes and the credits, you can also get the patch as a download here on J2O.