Jazz2Online news for January 2003

Permalink New Website January 31st 2003

Disguise has set up a new website. It’s currently under construction, but it has the sections for tutorials. Currently it has links to all of his tilesets on j2o, and it has some tilesets up for download which were submitted to him as part of a contest.
If you need help with tilesets, this website will be a good resource to you once it is completed. Find it here.

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Permalink Article on custom Jazz2 episode files January 24th 2003

I just wrote an article on custom Jazz2 episode files (.j2e files), a topic which I think some people aren’t very informed about. You should read it if you ever get problems with jj2 crashing when you load the single player episodes list, or if you are thinking of making a custom episode yourself.
Please note that the article DOES NOT tell you where to get the program that makes custom j2e files, nor will I give it to you (that is if I even have it still ;P) under normal circumstances. The article is there to inform you on them, and that is all.
You may find it here.
This is not a shameless self-promotion ;P .

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Permalink New level making contest! January 24th 2003

Source: JCF
A new CTF level making contest has been started up by BlurredD. Here are some details copied directly from the forum post. If you want to read more about the rules, read the post.
1.) This contest requires your level to be 125×70. In JCS, the Blue base must be placed at 15,40 and the Red base at 111,40 (it doesn’t matter which way they face). You can only use one full energy carrot (and no other carrots) at position 63,40. Everything else you can do whatever you want.
2.) Use triggers any way you want to. Team based routes, jails, etc…
3.) I won’t be judging this. At least not exactly. The people themselves and a panel of judges will. I’ll set aside a week for voting after the deadline.

Go make some levels. NOW.

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Permalink 2003 Golden Awards January 19th 2003

Source: JCF Thread
The golden awards for the third year are as follows:
Overlord’s Controller 4!
Jazz2Online, the third time in a row!
- Bobby aka Dizzy [SPY-IDLER-PREGNANT-KILLER AWARD] (Suggested by Maddie)
- Derby [takes the time to edit posts, takes a lot of playful bullying without getting upset].
- CelL [evil level maker :P]
Congratulations to all of the winners and a special thanks to Electric Ir for presenting these awards again!

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Permalink Noogy Congrats Cliffy January 17th 2003

Today Dean “Noogy” Dodrill, the animator of JJ2, TSF and JJ3 posted a nice gift for Cliff “Cliffy” Bleszinski on our forum after hearing that Unreal 2 was going gold.
The drawing is awesome and it’s really fun to see that our forums are still being visited by the creators of our little bunny.
You can read and post about it here.

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Permalink Where to buy JJ GBA January 17th 2003

Source: Paul at the JCF
JJ GBA is out, but hard to find in quite some countries. At the JCF, Paul posted 3 links to places where fans are able to buy the game:
Buy-Rite Video Games
DVD Empire
I also found JJ GBA at Amazon America.
Amazon Germany auctions 16 versions of TSF here.

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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Re-released January 5th 2003

Source: Haze’s Hideout
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has been released once again, but yet again the game fails to reach English speaking countries it appears. According to Haze, the blurbs on the side of the box are targeted at Dutch, Belgium, French and German gamers, but not English.
At this point, it is still unclear who is actually publishing the game since it gives credit to the bankrupt project2. It is being sold at local stores in the Netherlands without a manual, jazz jackrabbit 1, and in a DVD box for around 4.95 EUR.
Thanks to Haze for finding all of this, and Flash for pointing us at it on the JCF.

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Permalink 2000th upload! January 4th 2003

Yesterday J2O’s 2000th download was uploaded by Waz. It is a battle pack, counting three levels, and is currently rated a 6.7. Go review it now over here!
Also I’d like to take this oportunity to thank you all for all the reviews and levels. Let’s go for number 3000 now!

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