Jazz2Online news for December 2002

Permalink Merry Christmas Everyone December 25th 2002

Have a merry Christmas everyone, and don’t forget to play a little Jazz (Holiday Hare perhaps?) after opening all of your presents. :)

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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit GBA Available! December 20th 2002

Jazz GBA information according to EBgames.com now has Jazz GBA shipping within 24 hours. So, if you hurry you should be able to get it for Christmas. :)
Right now it seems that EBgames is the only place to currently be shipping it, so your best bet for buying it is with them.

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Permalink Jazz GBA Delayed Again December 17th 2002

Source: EB Games
After taking a look at the EBGames website and speaking with a customer service rep it sounds like Jaleco the publisher of the game needs to get their act together since the website reports the game will be shipped tomorrow 12/18. But, it is still very likely that the game will be delayed yet again.
If you would like to contribute information on where to purchase or are looking for information on purchasing Jazz GBA please take a look at this thread.

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Permalink Jaleco update December 12th 2002

Publisher Jaleco has updated it’s JJ GBA page with more info and a few new screenshots. The mentioned character “Zoe Cottontail” might just be Jazz’s new girlfriend.

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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2 for sale December 12th 2002

Paul aka Vivisel found a place on the internet that still sells JJ2.
The cost without shipping is $14,95 and they still have 7 copies in stock.
I recommend you not buying the game if you already have it, so people not having it can buy it ;p

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Permalink Quakenet has the record December 9th 2002

Quakenet.org, our IRC host for #jj2 has hit the magical barrier of 151,000 users connected at once, and is now the largest IRC network in the world. It’s kind of cool to have our little spot in the biggest network.
Check the site out at www.quakenet.org to read about this more.

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