Jazz2Online news for March 2007

Permalink JJ2WC3 and Level competitions March 24th 2007

It’s spring. Naturally something has to happen and guess what, some things are happening.

To start, R3ptile opened the registrations for the third edition of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 World Championships. As the name says, in this tournament clans compete for the title of JJ2 World Champion, so don’t hesitate to sign up if you feel your clan is fit to contest the current champion, CC.

In addition, R3ptile has also opened a competition for “Unusual CTF Levels”. The level has to include a number of things usually not seen in CTF levels, which will probably lead to some interesting results. The winning level will be included in the mappool of the aforementioned JJ2WC3, and the deadline has been set at April 7th.

Shaney has also started a contest, CTF Contest hosted by JEMA, though the opening post is a bit vague. The contest also has a set of guidelines you need to follow when creating your level, with “no symmetrical layouts” and “no full energy carrots” being the most interesting. Might you want to accept this challenge, you can submit your levels from April 1st till April 21st.


Quick news bit:

Any suggestions for the soon coming Anniversary Bash? Post them here and give that thread some activity! Cooba

Permalink Blade's 13th set? March 17th 2007

Source: JCF thread

Blade, a very well renowned JJ2 tileset creator, has returned from Finnish compulsory military service, and announced his latest tileset project on the JCF.

Since the beginning of 2006 and the release of Twilight Park I’ve been pondering for options to make more tilesets, but I came up with nothing but ideas I’d like to make reality some day. The military service took my attention away for eight months. Still I had some time to think and make plans. This is what came out of my head and will be my 13th tileset, codename: Castle of Cadavers.

Do give Blade your attention! After all, we don’t get too many new tilesets lately, do we?


Permalink a recent survey held by the university of little hampton shows March 12th 2007

Favorite Jazz character portrayal?

JJ1 series – 25 Votes (25%)

_JJ2 series_ – 52 Votes (53%)

JJ3D – 5 Votes (5%)

JJ3 – Pimp Edition – 7 Votes (7%)

JJA – 0 Votes (0%)

Guilty Gene/Other – 10 Votes (10%)

Total votes: 99

I guess there’s not much to be said about this poll.. the fact that JJA got no votes at all makes me kind of proud, though.

Anyway, in the light of recent events (newspost below) a question (kind of predictable, but who cares?) rises. Would you buy a new Jazz game on the XBLA? Disregarding whether you own an X360 or not, that is.


Permalink CliffyB would like to see Jazz on XBLA March 10th 2007

Source: Nimrod

Your Favourite Jazz Jackrabbit Developer, Cliff Bleszinski (better known here as the infamous bunny suit-wearing CliffyB) has, at the 2007 Game Developers Conference, acknowledged that he’d love to see the game it all begun with back at Xbox Live Arcade, the online game distribution service of Microsoft for the Xbox 360.

“Honestly, I’d love to see it, too,” said Bleszinski, but noted that Epic is too busy to take on the task themselves. “If anybody knows a person out there that can do it for us, more power to them,” he said, stating that Epic was currently focusing on Unreal Tournament 3 and a “potential sequel” to Gears of War.

So, if your brother happens to be a game developer with some spare time, be sure to mention this to him!


Permalink battle.net ladder system in JJ2? March 1st 2007

Source: JCF thread

R3ptile is looking for coders for his newest concept, which is a ladder system similar to the one from Blizzard’s battle.net, used in games such as Warcraft 3.

Do reply in the thread if you’re interested.


Permalink Featured Download March 1st 2007

Featured Download of February

Another month has passed, this time it was a month with almost no good levels. The best uploads of the month were tileset conversions.

And the latter is the Featured Download. IC-IF Medivo was part of the project IC-IF(Impressive Flashback) but the author decided it wasn’t of high enough quality, and thus the tileset was scrapped. The other tilesets are still secret.

I played the example level a few times and it was fun, especially the end of the example level (with the springs and the 3D bolls) but I’m not here to talk about the example level. It’s all about the tileset.

Let’s start off by saying that the tileset has 4 versions/palettes. The fourth palette has a weird colour, that’s not the colour most people like I think. Palette 1 is red to look like JJ1 Medivo. Palettes 2 and 3 are the ones from the original Medivo sets (dark and light pink).

There is enough eye candy in this tileset. Tiles from JJ1 Medivo are taken and also the tiles from JJ2 Medivo are still there. The tileset now has lava falls, the tiles from the original Medivo have been changed a bit(the colour) and everything else is just fine.

The tileset has 960 tiles, which is pretty much. There are enough animations to make with the tileset. Every tile in the tileset looks useful, so that’s good.

Now on to the usefulness. This tileset might be hard to use for some people, but it’s not too hard. If you don’t know how to use a tileset then you can always look at other levels with the tileset. Most of the animations in the tileset are easy to make, like in the example level. Overall this tileset shouldn’t be too hard to use.

Even if there will be a better version of this tileset, this one is good enough for now. I don’t think this will be overused, but it will be used a few times.

Next month we will have better uploads. I know people who are making packs(including myself) so see you next month!

And here is the screenshot: