Blade's 13th set?

17 Mar 2007 at 21:44
JCF thread

Blade, a very well renowned JJ2 tileset creator, has returned from Finnish compulsory military service, and announced his latest tileset project on the JCF.

Since the beginning of 2006 and the release of Twilight Park I’ve been pondering for options to make more tilesets, but I came up with nothing but ideas I’d like to make reality some day. The military service took my attention away for eight months. Still I had some time to think and make plans. This is what came out of my head and will be my 13th tileset, codename: Castle of Cadavers.

Do give Blade your attention! After all, we don’t get too many new tilesets lately, do we?

- Cooba


AzulAtomDragon on 17 Mar 2007 at 22:11

I love Blade’s tilesets….
They’re so…pretty.

I can’t wait to see it, Blade! (Even though you most likely don’t know me >_>)

Superjazz on 18 Mar 2007 at 09:36

Looks like a Chateau v2 <3

$ÏMØÑ on 18 Mar 2007 at 11:08


Thats looks so cool

The Emperor on 18 Mar 2007 at 17:39

That looks brilliant.
Please finish it, let me beta test. ;D

DennisKainz on 19 Mar 2007 at 11:41

Actually Blade cn make 1 tileset much betcha than I cn do with 13 tilesets. With 13 tilesets he would make betcha thn I cn make with 169 tilesets.

niek on 19 Mar 2007 at 11:48

Blade is together with Disguise and Agama one of my favorite tileset creators. Blade’s new set will sure get my attention when it’s released.

Overlord on 19 Mar 2007 at 14:24

13 is my lucky number.

>CelL< on 21 Mar 2007 at 15:03

Looks pretty sweet.

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