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Permalink ...and class is for men January 31st 2014

Source: The JCF, ModDB

Chances are that you probably haven’t heard about Sonic With A Gun. That’s because apart from a rare screenshot, and a fairly outdated demo, the development of the Jazz 1 oriented remake of Sonic the Hedgehog hasn’t been going as fast as either of the games’ protagonists. (And because Violet CLM has been busy with some other projects.)

The long development of the mod is coming to a close rather quickly, however, with Violet planning a release date as early as February 23rd. That’s probably as close as we’ll get to a celebration of Jazz’s 20th birthday, so book a holiday for then and get your DOSBox ready!


Permalink Microsoft buys Gears of War series January 28th 2014

Source: xbox.com

This isn’t the most Jazz-related story we’ve ever posted, but it’s about Epic Games and their future development, so it’s at least Jazz-adjacent. It looks like Epic will no longer be making the Gears of Wars series after selling it to Microsoft. Presumably this affords them more resources for working on Fortnite and their unannounced PC-exclusive project.

(Here’s what CliffyB thinks, if you’re curious.)


Permalink Game Grumps play Holiday Hare January 17th 2014

Source: the youtube

This is several weeks late, but I thought I’d post it anyway. The Game Grumps are some youtubey folks you may have heard of, and here they are utterly failing to beat Holiday Hare ’94 while talking about their various memories of PC/DOS gaming and absolutely anything else that comes to mind. Enjoy!

(We don’t post about Let’s Plays and the like here very much, and I’d be interested in hearing if they’re something you’d like to see more of, or if you don’t think they really qualify as news, or what.)


Permalink JCS Awards 2013 January 15th 2014

Source: JCF Thread

The nomination stage for the JCS Awards 2013 has begun. Check out the JCF thread for further details.

You can nominate uploads in the following categories:

  • Best Battle Level
  • Best CTF Level
  • Best Other MP Level
  • Best Single Player Level
  • Best JJ1 Level
  • Best Use of AngelScript
  • Best JCSer
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Permalink 2014 January 9th 2014

As you’re probably aware, 2014 is the year of Jazz Jackrabbit’s 20th anniversary. We’ll undoubtedly have some posts on specific dates this year and the next, marking the 20ths for various specific events, but what can we do to make this whole year special, both as a website and as a community? Post your thoughts!


Permalink Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon January 7th 2014

Source: schedule

In half an hour or so, someone named Vortale is scheduled to play Jazz Jackrabbit (1) for charity. I don’t know the details but you can read about them here I guess. Vortale guesses the game will take 40 minutes to beat. Shall we watch?

EDIT: Following some DOSBox technical issues, it’s started! “Get hype” as the kiddos say.
EDIT2: Completed (6 episodes only, no CD or Holiday Hare) in 37:40 with about seventy thousand viewers! Well done. I dunno if there are or will be archives of this? Research project for somebody.
EDIT3: Here’s the video!