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Permalink TIME FOR A NEW POLL February 28th 2014

If Eva weren't Eva, who would she be?
Ava Armsakimbo 2 votes (5%)
Enid Elbowpointy 1 vote (2%)
Hava Heartwarm 4 votes (11%)
Myisha Mouthkissable 3 votes (8%)
Tansy Tongueforked 4 votes (11%)
Vida Okilledtheradiostar 6 votes (17%)
Zoe Cottontail 14 votes (41%)
Total votes: 34

An unexpected win for what’s essentially an inferior version of Eva herself, Zoe Cottontail (though her name is pretty cool, I have to admit).

Sonic With A Gun was just released and it’s pretty impressive; if you like either Sonic or JJ1, give it a try! But why stop there? It’s not like Sonic is especially suitable for a crossover remake in JJ1, is it*? In our new poll, you can let the world know what you think would be the second best idea for a Jazz-[insert other game series] crossover!

* actually, it is


Permalink In style of: Jazz Jackrabbit February 14th 2014

Source: http://female-gamers.nl/news.php?extend.12339.83

It’s a cliche but girls love to buy cloths and dress up. The girls from FemaleGamers.nl made a Dutch tutorial in how to dress yourself as Jazz Jackrabbit! This including where to buy and what!

Pretty nifty for all the Eva’s and Lori’s out here!


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Permalink JCS Awards 2013: Voting! February 10th 2014

Source: JCF thread

Nominations are complete, so it’s time to vote for the best levels of 2013! There are six different categories for levels, plus one category for overall best JCSer, so whatever you like playing, hopefully there’s at least one category you feel comfortable voting for. You aren’t required to have played every single level nominated for a category to vote, but you’ve got two weeks, so you might as well, right? Click here to see the lists and to cast your votes.