9 Jan 2014 at 01:40

As you’re probably aware, 2014 is the year of Jazz Jackrabbit’s 20th anniversary. We’ll undoubtedly have some posts on specific dates this year and the next, marking the 20ths for various specific events, but what can we do to make this whole year special, both as a website and as a community? Post your thoughts!

- Violet CLM


Obi1mcd on 9 Jan 2014 at 04:37

The most awesome thing that could happen this year would be if Epic decided to get their act together and rerelease Jazz on GOG for the 20th anniversary.

Love & Thunder on 9 Jan 2014 at 07:05

I agree with Obi1mcd.
As for what we can do, perhaps J1E V2? Or a new release of OpenJazz?

Basically, what you’ve said in the blog post sounds about right. The only way I can think of it being done better really would be to do a series of YouTube videos or something to spread popularity of the 20th anniversary of Jazz.

Violet CLM on 9 Jan 2014 at 07:41

oh man, I would seriously love it if someone randomly decided to fix up the physics in OpenJazz

Love & Thunder on 9 Jan 2014 at 08:18

In all honesty, if I knew how to do C++ coding, I would get on that.

Slaz on 9 Jan 2014 at 11:46

Push Epic to the max or do a minor kickstarter to finally release JJ1 and JJ2 on gog.com! Seriously, it’s about time and this year it’s going to happen if you ask me and all of humanity…

Love & Thunder on 9 Jan 2014 at 13:09

We wouldn’t need Kickstarter to get either of the Jazz games on GoG, all we need is for Epic to decide to do it, since it would cost them either nothing or next to nothing.

Slaz on 9 Jan 2014 at 14:37

Well, petitions rarely bring enough attention but a relatively small kickstarter, say $1 per supporter, could do the trick attention wise. Or not, and we’d waste money to a company making third person shooters.. It’s just an idea. :P

DoubleGJ on 9 Jan 2014 at 16:21

getting Epic to celebrate this anniversary in ANY way other than simple acknowledgment of our existence would be great

also, we need some celebratory content. the downloads section has gotten rather stale recently, even moreso than the forums

Violet CLM on 9 Jan 2014 at 19:25

I can’t help but feel the downloads section would be less stale if people still wrote reviews. :(

Love & Thunder on 9 Jan 2014 at 20:56

Once I’ve got Jazz 2 set up properly(Which I’ll do as soon as I’ve retrieved all the data from my old Hard Drive), I’ll start writing reviews.

Perhaps I’ll actually make a level and release it. XD

(Also, if anyone with contacts could perhaps talk some classic members to doing something(Even if it’s just a text interview), perhaps that could be a nice thing for the Jazz comunnity, and also the site newsfeed)

Anyway, I think Epic will re-release Jazz 1 on GoG, and maybe make a big deal about it on their Blog. To me, that sounds like the smart thing for them to do, considering it’s the 20th anniversary, and all evidence points towards the fact that Epic want Jazz back, but haven’t been able to justify it or even figure out if a reboot/remake would sell well at all.

But, I’m basically just reiterating what I’ve said on the Forum anyway.

cooba on 9 Jan 2014 at 21:00

Of course a new Jazz game would sell well. The fact that Epic fails to realise that is saddening.

JordanJett on 10 Jan 2014 at 02:50

Aliens have invaded earth

Love & Thunder on 10 Jan 2014 at 07:53

Cooba, perhaps it would. Perhaps I’m wrong. I would love to be wrong in this case, so maybe I am.

JordanJett, “That’s in Epic’s hands now[…]” -Cliff Bleszinski

Violet CLM on 10 Jan 2014 at 17:51

Slaz: Looks good, though I think the wording could stand to be a bit less confrontational at points.

PT32 on 10 Jan 2014 at 20:24

I think it would be awesome to kick off Year 20 with some incredibly epic new uploads (possibly involving AngelScript…?).

Honestly though, I’d be content with Epic simply acknowledging that for the past twenty years, we’ve managed to cling stubbornly to life like the proverbial gum on the shoe sole.

An apology for our treatment would be great as well, but there’s no need to get greedy.

Slaz on 10 Jan 2014 at 20:39

Violet: Perhaps I’m such a confrontational person. :P

But I have to agree with you though, I was a little agitated while I wrote that. I’ve toned part of it down a bit. Let’s see in what direction that thread goes, yet I do have to remind myself to check that forum every now and then. xD

JordanJett on 11 Jan 2014 at 18:22

Aliens have invaded earth

Love & Thunder on 11 Jan 2014 at 22:25

IMO, we should give up on the old JJ3D engine, and start fresh if we wanted to make a new Jazz game.

The JJA multiplayer levels thing sounds good.

And new JJ engine thing… Well, that kind of fits into what I said earlier in this post.

Roobar on 12 Jan 2014 at 16:29

Expecting Epic to celebrate 20th Jazz anniversary is like expecting a rock to turn into a water. That will never happen. The same goes with id software, which now have the Keen source code, but they don’t want to release it because they care only about money. I’m much more interested in what the true fans will bring this year. Only we, as a community can celebrate this properly. Last year I tried JJ2+ for the first time and it’s a blast! Looking forward for the next updates! Because of this site, I found about some projects in the works of entirely new engines, which is also something promising, even though everything is in early stages. That is what I’m looking forward this year.

Love & Thunder on 12 Jan 2014 at 19:54

Perhaps, perhaps not. I think Epic are on our side. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :)

MoonBlazE on 14 Jan 2014 at 23:24

As a website, I always wished there was a fan art section similar to the picture section where we could post our glorious Jazz Jackrabbit scribbles to celebrate his birthday.

Love & Thunder on 15 Jan 2014 at 09:29

Well, there is the Art Forum on the JCF.

Hare on 16 Jan 2014 at 13:16

Yeah. There’s the art section, but a gallery would be much better for viewing Jazz fan art in large quantities. :P

I’m looking forward to this year’s Anniversary Bash. :)


Stijn on 16 Jan 2014 at 17:53

A fan art section isn’t a bad idea. It could just be a clone of the picture section, functionality-wise. Will keep it in mind…

Love & Thunder on 16 Jan 2014 at 19:43

Hare, I think you just found the next Jazz Community meme.

Hare on 16 Jan 2014 at 22:48

I sure hope not. XD

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