Jazz2Online news for January 2002

Permalink New interview January 31st 2002

Violet CLM has interviewed Craccoboy and has posted his interview in the articles section. Here’s a direct link to the article: click.

It is becoming a trend to just interview someone and post a badly layed out script of it the interview in the articles section. Please create a nice article out of it, with markup like bold for the names, and things like that. Make it readable. From now on cut and paste interviews will not be tolerated anymore. Spend some effort on them, we don’t want any more junk.

Also, please don’t post any insane interviews in the interviews section. This is a Jazzjackrabbit site. Post your insanity in the JCF misc forum or the comedy cafe.
I will move all the insane interviews to a seperate category. From now on insane interviews will be deleted.

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Permalink Shad @ Admin January 27th 2002

Yup, am a brand-new Jazz 2 Online News Admin. So this admin newbie will be an active news poster, so beware.

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Permalink #jj2 IRC channel January 26th 2002

We have a #jj2 IRC channel now. Go see the post on the JCF here. Let’s try to keep this one alive ;)

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Permalink gip.php January 21st 2002

As many of you have seen, gip.php hasn’t been working for the last few days. I think it should be back up though. It figures it works right after I make a message saying it doesn’t.

Oh well. Play Jazz Now!

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Permalink New poll January 11th 2002

Took us a while, didn’t it?

(poll is fixed now)

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Permalink New interview January 10th 2002

I managed to track down* iCeD, the owner of iCeD’s server, in case you can’t guess. I snuck an interview at him, and I posted it here. It is very extensive and covers very deep and important emotional issuses. You should go check it out.

*He was easy to find. If you wish to know more about this, please PM me so I can give you his street adress.


Permalink Articles and level reviews January 3rd 2002

For a long time I have been noticing that people sometimes post poorly made articles and level reviews. When this happens, the level author is usually dissapointed with the review, or in the case of an article, it is simply deleted from the database. I (and other admins) are tired of seeing this happen, so I am going to state a few guidelines that I think all of you should follow. If you already follow these, good job.

First off, any article that is extremely short (usually less than two paragraphs long) and/or pointless will be removed. If you write an especially long or usefull article, a news post will probably be made so more people can read it.

Secondly, it would be good if you could post well written and thoughtful level reviews instead of some one-sentence review that a 6 year-old can write like “This level is good” or “I like this level because it is good” or “Cool level. Cool stuff is cool because it is good”. Try to make a review that actually describes what is good and bad about a level.

Hopefully these guidelines are reasonable. If you chose not to follow them, I can’t really do much about it. It would make the site a better place to visit if everybody was to follow them though.

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Permalink Chatlog JJ2 II and an article about autism January 2nd 2002

Chatlog JJ2 II

Link has posted a thread about the next version of his cool chat logging program. He is asking for ideas and betatesters and spills some info.

Article about autism

As it is an actual subject in the community, JelZe has written an article about autism. It tells you some basic things about it. You can find it here.

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Permalink Golden awards 2001 January 1st 2002

Electric IR and Newspaz yearly give out prices to a few people. They choose the nominees and the people vote for the winner.

The golden awards 2001:

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