New interview

31 Jan 2002 at 18:15

Violet CLM has interviewed Craccoboy and has posted his interview in the articles section. Here’s a direct link to the article: click.

It is becoming a trend to just interview someone and post a badly layed out script of it the interview in the articles section. Please create a nice article out of it, with markup like bold for the names, and things like that. Make it readable. From now on cut and paste interviews will not be tolerated anymore. Spend some effort on them, we don’t want any more junk.

Also, please don’t post any insane interviews in the interviews section. This is a Jazzjackrabbit site. Post your insanity in the JCF misc forum or the comedy cafe.
I will move all the insane interviews to a seperate category. From now on insane interviews will be deleted.

- Fquist


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