Jazz2Online news for November 2017

Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit available on GOG November 30th 2017

It’s hardly a surprise after yesterday’s teaser tweets, but it’s exciting all the same: the Jazz Jackrabbit games are once again available for sale, digitally at GOG!

The package deal includes both the main games and the expansions The Secret Files and Christmas Chronicles, so chances are that there’s something new in there for you even if you’ve had the original game for years.

Additionally, The Secret Files is bundled with JJ2+, so there’s no need to install the patch manually – just choose the “Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with JJ2+” option under Game Goodies to install a plus-enabled version of the game.

As a final bit of good news, GOG has generously given us some game codes to raffle among the community’s members. So if you want to have these shiny new versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 1, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and Epic Pinball, simply leave a comment and we’ll (randomly!) choose five lucky winners in two days from now. Or, if you can’t wait, use the links above to buy the games right now!

(The raffle has now ended. Stay tuned for more GOG news to come.)


Permalink GOG Tweet and Redesign November 29th 2017

Source: Twitter

About a month ago we saw Epic Games’ community manager, Flak, teasing something about a (re)release of one or more Jazz games. Now there’s more! Today, Flak retweeted GOG’s tweeting the words “When you hear the news we’ve got for tomorrow” with a gif of some excitable rabbits. What could it mean??? We’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

EDIT: GOG tweets again, with a series of three emoji that appear to represent jazz (music), jack (alcohol), and a rabbit.

Also big news, but happening at basically the same time so they had to get the same post: J2O’s layout has been massively redone to make it more friendly to newcomers, phase out some older site sections and information, and generally look prettier. The J2Ov2 redesign was over thirteen years old, so it’s time for J2Ov3!


Permalink A party mode poll November 23rd 2017

How do you bulk up on ammo in SP or while testing levels?
JJAMMO 3 votes (6%)
JJGUNS 5 votes (10%)
JJGOD 23 votes (46%)
I'm not a cheater! 14 votes (28%)
I don't play single player, so I don't understand the question 4 votes (8%)
Total votes: 49

So, the backstory to that poll is that I had spent years and years using JJAMMO exclusively without even realizing JJGUNS worked, so I was curious if everyone else was the same way. Looks like the answer is no.

Next up, let’s get to what may be the most basic possible distinction for party mode players. Battle or CTF?