Jazz2Online news for December 2017

Permalink The New Year Bash is on December 31st 2017

Source: JCF thread

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at JJ2 by joining the New Year Bash server!

Click here to play!

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Quick news bit:

The Jazz2Online staff wishes everyone happy holidays and and an amazing new year! cooba

Quick news bit:

The Jazz2Online staff wishes everyone happy holidays and and an amazing new year! cooba

Quick news bit:

The Jazz2Online staff wishes everyone happy holidays and and an amazing new year! cooba

Permalink Play JDC events, win free GOG games December 20th 2017

Source: JDC

GOG’s generosity hasn’t ended in giving us a JJ2 re-release – they have also very kindly offered us some promotional game codes to be given as prizes for participating in JDC!

Starting from now, winners of JDC events will be rewarded with a download code for either one of the two following games:


A Hat In Time

These are two of the finest new PC platformers to come out this year, and will surely keep you entertained over the winter break and beyond!

Simply come in 1st place in any upcoming main event, and claim a free game code! Only one code per person however, so if you win an event after haven already claimed a code, the next one will go to the player in 2nd place and so on. Codes may also be given for other achievements, so stay tuned for any further announcements.

Get out there and play some JJ2! :)


Permalink Jazz2Online talks with LazyGameReviews December 7th 2017

We have been following the YouTube star Clint “Lazy Game Reviews“ Basinger for quite a while now on YouTube. Plus with the recent GoG.com re-release of the Jazz Jackrabbit games. It was time for us to sit down and a bit with man behind LGR himself. This exclusively on Jazz2Online for you!

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Quick news bit:

Community mod JJ2+ now has a public issue tracker. This is a nice, organized place for you to go to post your bug reports and feature requests or support reports/requests that other people have made. Remember to read the rules, and help us know what's important to you to fix or add! Violet CLM

Permalink JDC Season 28 begins Saturday the 9th! December 5th 2017

Crossposted from the JDC website:

Jazz is back, and so is the Jazz Duelist’s Challenge!

The multiplayer tournament for Jazz 2 players will return on Saturday, December 9th. Everybody is welcome to join and take a stab at the ladder, by playing duels and team games with players from all around the world!

Even if you’re not interested in the tournament ranking, you can still enjoy the special events, featuring lots of players playing obscure game modes in the finest community levels! This is also the perfect opportunity to see what’s possible with the JJ2+ mod.

See JDC in action!

Head over here for more info about JDC in general, and here to register an account.

See you at the opening event on Saturday!


Quick news bit:

Hey, GOG's going to run a newspost recommending JJ2 downloads and they've asked us for suggestions. Help out and win a game code (and fame) in the JCF thread! Stijn

Permalink Jazz 2 soundtrack in talks to come to GOG? December 3rd 2017

Source: Twitter

As you now know, both Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 are now available for purchase at GOG.com! (Including The Secret Files and all the different Holiday Hare releases, and the JJ2+ patch.) This is the first time Jazz 1 has been reliably available for purchase since late 2012, and Jazz 2 since… well, ever.

However, for a while in 2013, it was possible to buy the soundtracks to the series! This detail is still lacking from the GOG release, but intrepid J2O reporter camel Shadow (aka Ins0mnia) reached out to JJ2’s music composer Alexander Brandon on Twitter, and got the following response:

That would be awesome. I did connect @Flak with @SebastianWolff and a plan is being formulated!!!

(Flak, as you may remember from the last time Shadow reached out to someone on Twitter, is Epic Games’ community manager, and Sebastian Wolff is the founder of loudr, which specializes in music copyrights and was involved in the 2013 distribution of the Jazz soundtracks.)

Obviously this is not a guarantee anything will happen, but it’s something to keep an eye on. :)