Jazz2Online news for April 2005

Permalink End of bash April 11th 2005

The last hour of the bash has begun. Make good use of it.

Update: The bash has ended now after three days of playing. Personally I found it to be less succesful than previous bashes, but we generally still had great time together. We didn’t have that much people returning temporarily this time as during the previous years, but we still had Shadow, Mezz, Everett, Dreama and some others showing up, which was rather fun.

I want to especially thank Nimrod and Spotty for hosting, FireSword and CelL for composing the packs, Overlord for giving us the neat console tool, Newspaz and Bobby for helping in kicking this off and all the people who helped admin and who have participated in the discussion in the private bash forum. Thanks!

How about sharing your bash experiences now in the Anniversary Bash VII topic on the JCF? The comments here are also fine. Somebody post some more screenies, too.


Permalink Change to CTF April 10th 2005

The Bash server has now switched to CTF, something a lot of people seem to have been waiting for. Have fun :)

Also, it might be fun if you drop by at the #jj2 chat channel. See this page for info on how to join using an IRC client, or just use www.jj2.info for a web client. Don’t forget to use a name different than the default one. See you there.


Permalink Aaaand it's off April 8th 2005

The bash has started. Remember to download the packs and have a very fun time playing!

If you have trouble playing, try downloading these patches and if you have router problems try our article on routers to discover the fix. You still can’t play online? Try asking in the JCF “technical help” forum.

At times when the server doesn’t show up you can enter “www.digiex.net” in the screen, press enter and join.


Permalink Bash times & pack update April 8th 2005

We can announce the exact time the bash will start now. Anniversary Bash 7, hosted to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, will start tomorrow (friday) at 2 PM GMT.

Times for some of the different countries and timezones:

Britain: 3 PM/15:00
The Netherlands: 4 PM/16:00
Israel: 5 PM/17:00
EDT: 10 AM/10:00
PDT: 7 AM/7:00

We urge you to download the bash pack before joining the bash server tomorrow. This in order to prevent the server choking on the lag caused by people downloading the levels and tilesets they don’t have.

Download the levels and tilesets using these links:
Levels packTilesets pack part 1Tilesets pack part 2

Downloading the music is optional. You can download it here.

If you have downloaded the tilesets pack part 2 already we recommend you to redownload it because of an earlier missing tileset (wbrg.j2t).


Permalink The Anniversary Bash packs have been uploaded April 4th 2005

Note: There have been some updates to the packs. It’s highly recommended that you re-download the levels pack and the tilesets pack part 1 before playing at the bash.

Next friday, saturday and sunday, the annual Anniversary Bash will be hosted online for the seventh time, to celebrate – what else – the seventh anniversary of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the game we all love. To play smoothly you’ll need the Anniversary Bash packs. They’ve now been uploaded by FireSword.

Download them using these links:
Levels packTilesets pack part 1Tilesets pack part 2

Downloading the music is optional. You can download it here.

FireSword and CelL selected the levels and composed this pack. Be sure to send them a nice thank you. :)

Please DO download these packs before joining the bash server to prevent lagging the server. After downloading the packs you should unzip them into your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 directory.

The contents of the level pack:

CTF Levels
01. Divide And Conquer – BlurredD
02. Happy Canyon CTF – stripe
03. Lemon Nightmare – Blackraptor
04. Medieval Skyscrapers – FireSworD
05. Religion – CelL
06. Siege of The Past – SuperJazz
07. Street Pass #1 – DarkSonic
08. Quasar Quandary – ChippieBW
09. Surfs Up CTF – martin
10. Clipboard Chaos – Snooze
11. Sacrifice – CelL
12. 12 Hour Tea – ShadowGpW
13. Apocalyptic Afterworld – MaGoo
14. Technodus Cargo Station – Ragnarok and Gr33n Pl4nt
15. Anarchy Inn. – BlurredD
16. This level is….cold! COLD!! – EvilMike
17. Bay of Diamonds – ChippieBW
18. Merry Hypothermia – Enigma
19. Mort Myre – Labratkid
20. Lava Lagoon – Scizor CT

Battle levels
01. E. Prime – BlurredD
02. The Corsairs Coast – Blackraptor
03. What is this?! – Newspaz
04. Rainy Rain Forest – Splash
05. Lost World, The Battle 2 – Ninja Dodo
06. Battle Game – Violet CLM
07. _________ – EvilMike
08. Garden Brawl – FireSworD
09. Even Darker Insomnia – Booshi
10. 24 Hour Coffee – Dethman
11. Hyperborean Biosphere – Labratkid
12. Rockingham Gardens – Merlyn
13. RaBBiT ToaST – ShadowGpW
14. Toasted Territory – Satan
15. silent slayers – martin
16. EvilMikes Evil Fortress – EvilMike
17. Blood Lust – White Rabbit
18. Villian Village – Cooba
19. Abandoned Robotics Factory – FireSworD
20. Sandstrand ‘O Hazes – Spy

Be sure to read the readme file delivered with the pack for comments on the choices.


Permalink Featured download time. April 1st 2005

Finally, a punctual feature. A bit earlier if anything. March’s featured download is Lava Lagoon, by Scizor CT. This huge CTF level introduces a revolutionary concept (also seen in Decrepit Ruins, which was released after Scizor came up with the concept, but before he released this) in which firing RF missiles at the fragile walls will sometimes cause them to cave in, revealing new passages.

This level features two sides separated near the bottom by a huge pillar. Both sides have a good amount of platforms, making the overall gameplay of the level feel somewhat “chaotic,” as it has been put. The very bottom of the level, where the bases are, is a sea of lava. This makes things harder to see, adding to the chaos even more.

Lava Lagoon is a great level, so be sure to download and host it some time! Here’s a screenshot of Sciz in the level.


Permalink (April fools.) April 1st 2005

Source: JCF Thread

(Quoted from JCF thread)
So you thought you would never see the day. Well, you thought wrong. The greatest kept secret in JJ2 history (sorta) is finally available to the public. Team Elite, the makers of the patch, have been working on this project for the past few years, and what they have so far is pretty impressive. They now want to beta-test it with 15 players who have never seen the update before. So the first 15 to sign up get to see it.

If you want to sign up, go post a reply at the JCF. There should be at least ten spots left.

Stay tuned over the next few days for more information on this patch and various other fantastic announcements never dreamed possible. ;)
This is not a hoax. This is not April Fools day. You did not read this message.

Update by FQuist: Screenshots were released! You can find them here!

Stay tuned to J2O and the topic for more info on this great new development.