The Anniversary Bash packs have been uploaded

4 Apr 2005 at 01:56

Note: There have been some updates to the packs. It’s highly recommended that you re-download the levels pack and the tilesets pack part 1 before playing at the bash.

Next friday, saturday and sunday, the annual Anniversary Bash will be hosted online for the seventh time, to celebrate – what else – the seventh anniversary of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the game we all love. To play smoothly you’ll need the Anniversary Bash packs. They’ve now been uploaded by FireSword.

Download them using these links:
Levels packTilesets pack part 1Tilesets pack part 2

Downloading the music is optional. You can download it here.

FireSword and CelL selected the levels and composed this pack. Be sure to send them a nice thank you. :)

Please DO download these packs before joining the bash server to prevent lagging the server. After downloading the packs you should unzip them into your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 directory.

The contents of the level pack:

CTF Levels
01. Divide And Conquer – BlurredD
02. Happy Canyon CTF – stripe
03. Lemon Nightmare – Blackraptor
04. Medieval Skyscrapers – FireSworD
05. Religion – CelL
06. Siege of The Past – SuperJazz
07. Street Pass #1 – DarkSonic
08. Quasar Quandary – ChippieBW
09. Surfs Up CTF – martin
10. Clipboard Chaos – Snooze
11. Sacrifice – CelL
12. 12 Hour Tea – ShadowGpW
13. Apocalyptic Afterworld – MaGoo
14. Technodus Cargo Station – Ragnarok and Gr33n Pl4nt
15. Anarchy Inn. – BlurredD
16. This level is….cold! COLD!! – EvilMike
17. Bay of Diamonds – ChippieBW
18. Merry Hypothermia – Enigma
19. Mort Myre – Labratkid
20. Lava Lagoon – Scizor CT

Battle levels
01. E. Prime – BlurredD
02. The Corsairs Coast – Blackraptor
03. What is this?! – Newspaz
04. Rainy Rain Forest – Splash
05. Lost World, The Battle 2 – Ninja Dodo
06. Battle Game – Violet CLM
07. _________ – EvilMike
08. Garden Brawl – FireSworD
09. Even Darker Insomnia – Booshi
10. 24 Hour Coffee – Dethman
11. Hyperborean Biosphere – Labratkid
12. Rockingham Gardens – Merlyn
13. RaBBiT ToaST – ShadowGpW
14. Toasted Territory – Satan
15. silent slayers – martin
16. EvilMikes Evil Fortress – EvilMike
17. Blood Lust – White Rabbit
18. Villian Village – Cooba
19. Abandoned Robotics Factory – FireSworD
20. Sandstrand ‘O Hazes – Spy

Be sure to read the readme file delivered with the pack for comments on the choices.

- Fquist


Haze on 4 Apr 2005 at 02:05

And another unofficial mirror is up at

And yes, apparently I am still updating that site. ;)

blurredd on 4 Apr 2005 at 05:52

I still like my horizontal rain.

Blackraptor on 4 Apr 2005 at 06:06

huzzah. now go review my level =P

Violet CLM on 4 Apr 2005 at 06:30

Ah, and here are the real lists, with the levels that permission was asked about, and a distinct lack of certain repetitive factors. I approve.

ShadowGPW on 4 Apr 2005 at 07:28

12. 12 Hour Tea – ShadowGpW

haha cool!

Sacrush on 4 Apr 2005 at 07:33

This is way better then the fake one. And a battle of mine!!!!!!! :D

blurredd on 4 Apr 2005 at 07:46

By the way, you included the old version of Islands. That could cause problems when the AB server is up.

FireSworD on 4 Apr 2005 at 08:01

Yep, just when things are going smoothly, a problem. I added what I think is the latest version of Islands into the ab7 tilesets pack part 1 and reuploaded the pack. Stop upating your stuff Blade, it’s seriously annoying. ;P

WvA on 4 Apr 2005 at 09:37

damn no battle level of me :(

o wait, maybe becose i never uploaded them? :P damn :P

MegaJazz on 4 Apr 2005 at 11:15

I am not really an online gamer like i said on the JCF. But i will still play a bit on this event i think..

spejsboi on 4 Apr 2005 at 12:25

Great packs, good job. :)

Sasik on 4 Apr 2005 at 15:07

Medieval Skyscrapers was already in previous BashPack ( ab6ctf7 if I remember ;P ).

DarkSonic on 4 Apr 2005 at 15:51

Yay. I got a level in! I am happy to see this, and it is my birthday =D.

WvA on 4 Apr 2005 at 16:27

happy birthday :P

is there still a way to get my level in? :P

cooba on 4 Apr 2005 at 16:43


Niels aka ChippieBW on 4 Apr 2005 at 16:48

Good job!

One comment: the pack doesn’t contain the newest version of Quasar Quandary. You can download the newest version from the JJ2WC site.

White Rabbit on 4 Apr 2005 at 19:14

Finally I get to see my lvl in an AB. :-D Is this the definite bash pack or are you going to use the updated version of QQ and other lvls/tilesets?

FireSworD on 4 Apr 2005 at 20:17

The packs have been updated.

White Rabbit on 4 Apr 2005 at 20:37

I think I’ll wait until I DL…just in case something goes horribly wrong. ;-P

DarkSonic on 4 Apr 2005 at 21:36

I might want to add I have a newer version of StrP1 that has some things fixed.

White Rabbit on 4 Apr 2005 at 22:28

Ahaha! Now FS must re-upload again. ;-D

DarkSonic on 5 Apr 2005 at 15:32

Not really, because I am the only one that has that version.

FQuist on 5 Apr 2005 at 15:52

FS has his e-mail public in his profile. You could choose to send it there.

DarkSonic on 5 Apr 2005 at 16:49

I will send it =P

Blackraptor on 5 Apr 2005 at 20:59

Heh, I updated my level too cause I was in a hurry to release it and missed some important bugs and stuff ;p.

Ñîçk ÐR on 5 Apr 2005 at 21:08

Ill probably re-DL this stuff on Friday, incase of updates..
Hopefully I can actually play this year, I missed AB6…

FireSworD on 5 Apr 2005 at 22:28

Alright, no more updates unless they are absoloutely crucial. If one wishes to have ones updated level in bash7: he/she should contact me telling me of the the changes. I will no longer accept levels with trivial changes.

cooba on 6 Apr 2005 at 20:10

“18. Villian Village – Cooba”


FireSworD on 7 Apr 2005 at 21:18

The packs have been updated. Expect there not to be any more updates. It’s also too late for levels to be replaced unless absoloutely necessary


- The newest version of Islands is now in the Tileset pack of part 1.

- Siege of the Past, Street Pass #1, Quasar Quandry and The Corsairs Coast have been updated.

- For the sake of AB7 safety, all levels containing bridges have been updated with versions without them.

White Rabbit on 7 Apr 2005 at 22:42

What have they been replaced by? One-way tiles, I’m guessing? Do you have the QQ with turrets?

FQuist on 8 Apr 2005 at 00:01

Why don’t you download and check :P

White Rabbit on 12 Apr 2005 at 22:03

Too late. Bash has ended.

Haha news post revival.

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