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The awards for JDC Season 16, which ended a few days ago, have been posted. Grytolle was the winner of the season, with a lead of almost 200 points. He also won the award for most rounds won (he won 6 out of 7), and few others too.

For the full list of awards, see the link above.

It was a good JDC season, and I’m looking forward to the next one. There’s no date for when that will be, but the most likely case is it will be during the summer.


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Source: JCF Thread, another JCF Thread

Two new contests! One run by Ninja, one by plunK.

Ninja runs a tileset/level contest which you can enter with either a tileset or a level (really). He wants abstract levels and tilesets though: “I want to see something extremely strange, inspired, twisted, and yet still appealing and usable in JJ2“. Grand prize is a whopping 40 dollars, so let your imagination loose and enter!

plunK’s contest on the other hand is accepting only CTF levels and module-based music. In fact those are two separate contests with a separate prize; the creator of the best CTF level gets a custom JCF title, the best musician gets €5.

Further details for both contests are in the JCF threads linked to; there’s a nice prize this time, so nothing’s stopping you from letting your creativity flow and making that masterpiece.