Jazz2Online news for March 2016

Permalink Pollover March 2nd 2016

The last poll was up for forever and a day, by which I mean, seven-eight months or something. Yeesh! But here you go?

What makes you play Jazz Jackrabbit?
New stuff (tilesets, levels, JJ2+...) 27 votes (42%)
Tournaments 1 vote (1%)
Events (like Anniversary Bash) 5 votes (7%)
Free time 18 votes (28%)
How well the stars align 12 votes (19%)
Total votes: 63

This new question should be pretty easy to answer: Do you use the default player 1 controls in JJ2? Arrow keys for movement, space for shoot, ctrl for jump, shift for run, enter for select. If you use a significantly different control scheme when playing with mouse aim, answer for the non-mouse controls. If you use a controller instead of a keyboard… gosh, really?