Jazz2Online news for January 2011

Permalink Dethrone the Tyrant Contest! January 31st 2011

Source: JCF thread

Boss arena making contest. Check the source for details.

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Permalink JCS Awards 2010 January 31st 2011

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A month has passed since a next year of level making ended, and finally the JCS awards for the best of level makers are chosen.

Best Battle of 2010: Dream Stage by Snooze
Best CTF of 2010: Employee of the Month by EvilMike
Best other MP level of 2010: Platform Tests by EvilMike
Best Multiplayer pack of 2010: Scars of Chaos 2 by BlurredD
Best Singleplayer release of 2010: Dreamscape by Blackraptor
Best Tileset of 2010: Raneforus V by Violet
Best JCSer of 2010: Snooze

Just taking a short look at any of these releases you can easily say that this year was full of impressive quality downloads and the competition was on a really high level. Congratulations to all the JCSers of 2010! Keep your standards high and improve, to surprise us all in the new year 2011!

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Quick news bit:

Voting for the JCS Awards 2010 will end on Tuesday, January 18th. cooba

Permalink JJ2WC III: The Finals January 8th 2011

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Another successful JJ2WC season is coming to an end. All this time I’ve been careful with words, but I think it’s late enough to be able to say that this has been the most professional, well organized season ever. Not only the game got technically improved with Blur’s JJ2+ addon, but even the newest, most novice clans showed a lot of professionality by showing up to every game. And just for those who haven’t been involved with the competitive clan scene in the last few years – while I say “novice”, they would’ve still kicked most old clans’ asses.

This evening at 21:00 CET, -t3> and CC will face each other for the 2nd and last semi final game of this season. The winner will play vs. [GpW] in the grand final next weekend, whereas the losing clan will have to face RL for the honorary 3rd place. All matches will be broadcasted at JJ.net’s JJ2TV and for hardcore JJ2’ers, closely followed at our “IRC channel”:irc://quakenet.org/JJ2WC.

EDIT: CC defeated -t3> by 6-2, which leads to another clash between the two most veteran clans of the game, this time at the grand-final. The Superclasico with [GpW] will be played next Saturday, so stay tuned!


Permalink JCS Awards 2010: Voting January 4th 2011

Source: JCF thread

The nominations are over, and voting has begun. Anyone may vote, and you may vote for one item in each category. Details (and the nominees) are in the thread.

If you don’t have a JCF account for some reason, you can PM me your votes on J2O. Same rules apply as in the thread.

With the recent downtime, the voting time might take longer as there are still people who can’t access J2O. The definitive end date will be announced later.


Permalink Recent downtime January 4th 2011

What’s a better way to start the year than with a few days of downtime?

I can think of a lot of things, but unfortunately we didn’t really have a choice – for whatever reason our web host’s DNS server went kaboom coindentally with the fireworks and most of you weren’t able to reach Jazz2Online during the past two days.

Anyway, it looks like everything works again. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Let’s hope the site works flawlessly for the rest of 2011 – the year of the rabbit, by the way!