Recent downtime

4 Jan 2011 at 06:15

What’s a better way to start the year than with a few days of downtime?

I can think of a lot of things, but unfortunately we didn’t really have a choice – for whatever reason our web host’s DNS server went kaboom coindentally with the fireworks and most of you weren’t able to reach Jazz2Online during the past two days.

Anyway, it looks like everything works again. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Let’s hope the site works flawlessly for the rest of 2011 – the year of the rabbit, by the way!

- Stijn


Slaz on 4 Jan 2011 at 17:02

I noticed it was the ‘year of the rabbit’ when we had Chinese food on christmas eve. :P

ShakerNL on 4 Jan 2011 at 19:27

There was no downtime for me

Zoro on 5 Jan 2011 at 06:15

Strange, but for me this downtime was more longer…IDK why…

Jgke on 5 Jan 2011 at 17:32

Now the downtime ended for me…

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