Jazz2Online news for January 2004

Permalink 3,000th Upload...Uploaded. January 26th 2004

Ðx made the 3,000th J2O upload. It was apparently an accidental upload, therefore defaulting the actual 3,000th upload to the next level. Not that this matters, though, since the next level was also his. So, now, view the glory of the 3,000th upload, “Defense of the Castle.” You can view more information here:


Keep on uploading and rating!

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Permalink Jazzjackrabbit.net January 25th 2004

Source: Haze’s Hideout (used with permission of Nimrod)

“Nimrod comes with news about the European listservers. In an attempt to formalize and bring together the Jazz Jackrabbit playing community, http://www.jazzjackrabbit.net/ hits the web. From now on you can get easy access to the listservers via us.jazzjackrabbit.net and uk.jazzjackrabbit.net, which point to the US- and UK-based listservers respectively.
Aside from the catchy names this should also give a more ‘professional’ look to the listservers, hopefully persuading those who haven’t patched yet or are new to the community to patch to the new listservers locations. Also, this should simplify the process of keeping listservers up. If one of the servers were to ‘retire’ permanently the address could simply be redirected to a replacing listserver.
An updated patch to enable these new addresses is available here, one for Macintosh players will be issued soon. A site providing information and statistics will be launched soon to occupy the space currently at www.jazzjackrabbit.net.”

Again, this means that the following are newly accessable list servers:
us.jazzjackrabbit.net – North/South American list server located in Whittier, California, United States. (jazz.contrabandent.com)
uk.jazzjackrabbit.net – European/Asian/African list server located in London, England, United Kingdom. (jazz.nimrod-online.com)

It is recommended that all users update their registry entries as soon as possible, although there will be a grace period of a few months.

Edit: The list server patch is now available on J2O, here.

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Permalink New List Server Features January 20th 2004

Source: Nimrod

Nimrod, who kindly hosts the list servers alongside Contraband, has announced that he is adding a few things to the list server in the upcoming months that should allow for more easy control over the list server. These things include:

– The ability to block certain IPs to prevent abuse and Denial of Service attacks. (In development)
– More bandwidth, stability, and speed for the list server. (In development)

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Permalink Please Stop Registering Multiple Accounts January 16th 2004

Lately, a number of J2O users have been registering many accounts in order to change their names on reviews. Please do not do this. Not only is it against J2O rules, but it takes up space on the server that could be used for something more purpousful. If this continues, punishment will be handed out and accounts will be frozen. Please choose a name and stick to it. Thank you for understanding.

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