Jazz2Online news for May 2014

Quick news bit:

Wubbo Ockels, the first Dutchman in space, and the original hero of the game that would eventually become Jazz Jackrabbit, has passed away at the age of 68. cooba

Permalink Epic Meganews #1 May 18th 2014

Source: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action

Twenty years ago, May 18 1994, the first Epic Meganews issue was emailed out to Epic’s subscribers. It heavily promoted the upcoming One Must Fall 2097, advertised some new tables for Epic Pinball, gave some warnings about Epic Baseball’s development, and oh yes, snuck in one little sentence toward the very end:

“In the next edition, we’ll tell you about Jazz Jackrabbit, the fastest and most stunning scrolling action game ever on the PC.”

You can read the entire issue here, where it was soon forwarded by Joe Siegler.

It’s not the anniversary of the game yet — that’ll come in August, with the third Meganews issue — but it’s been twenty years since that first almost-invisible teaser.


Permalink Diamondus Warzone Remake Contest May 5th 2014

Source: JCF thread

Hey guys, I’m holding a JCS contest with a monetary prize for the winner. The premise of the contest is to remake the classic level “capture3.j2l” in order to make it more playable in any way you deem fit.

More guidelines and information available on the thread on JCF!