Jazz2Online news for June 2020

Permalink Hand drawn character animations June 18th 2020

Source: cottonbun.tumblr.com

We continue to find lots of great Jazz art around the internet. Recently tumblr user PictoPatch finished a set of five standing animations for Lori, Spaz, Jazz, and even Eva and Devan, all looking ready for some HD action, possibly in a fighting game. Check them out here and leave the artist some appreciative comments in their notes!


Permalink JDC starts TOMORROW June 5th 2020

Source: JDC

The 31st season of the Jazz Duelists’ Challenge┬╣ starts tomorrow, in just under twenty-four hours. Get your rabbit ready for the Capture the Flag opening event, and lots more unannounced events coming down the pipeline after it. Remember to keep an eye on the JDC Website and/or JDC Discord server for more updates, including spontaneous events.

┬╣ now without duels

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