Jazz2Online news for July 2020

Permalink New Allan Zax remix of Carrotus July 29th 2020

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/allanzax

The community member Allan Zax has made a new remix of aJazz Jackrabbit 2 music track. He made his spin on the well known Carrotus.

However in the past he made a remix of Medival Jam and is now working on Labrat.

So if you like his work, please give a checkout on his Youtube page!


Permalink Jazz mods for DOOM July 27th 2020

Source: JCF thread

Yep, it’s another news post about Jazz fanworks, and this is a big one:

Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC is a mod of Doom II that finally brings planets, enemies, and weapons from Jazz Jackrabbit (mostly JJ1, but some JJ2) into 3D. There’s even a Holiday Hare spinoff mod in the works for maximum verisimilitude.

Not to be confused with Hocusdoom, which includes Diamondus as a bonus level.


Permalink Jazz adaptation poll July 17th 2020

People have tried to adapt the Jazz Jackrabbit universe in various ways, ranging from webcomics to full-page comics to sprite comics to fanfiction to muscles. What next? Vote in our new poll!

Meanwhile, here are the results of the last poll. Anniversary Bash didn’t last much longer than usual, but we’re enjoying an extra-long JDC season to make up for it, with plenty more fun online multiplayer events coming down the line!

Do you want a longer Anniversary Bash this year?
Yes, bring it on! 22 votes (88%)
No, four days is fine. 3 votes (12%)
Total votes: 25

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