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Permalink SCORE! October 28th 2008

Favourite Town House Venue?:
Allen’s Groceries 9 votes (10%)
Brussee’s Bistro 7 votes (8%)
Clifford Terrace 5 votes (6%)
Dodrill Optical 5 votes (6%)
MacLellan’s Pub & Grill 7 votes (8%)
Michiel’s Arcade 8 votes (9%)
Nick’s Cafe 26 votes (30%)
The Manhole 19 votes (22%)
Total votes: 86

In the light of the Domination Level Contest ending successfully, and the Domination gametype itself becoming more than just a seasonal trend, a question appears: What should be the next JJ2+ gamemode?


Permalink Domination Contest Over October 26th 2008

Source: JCF post

Ragnarok’s contest for the best Domination level has come to an end, with seven brand new Domination levels coming to you.

1st place: Pearl-Shell Shore by Quickz
2nd place: Lost Onyx by CrimiClown
3rd place: Alien Heart by FawFul

Congratulations to the winners and the runner-ups!

I guess that’s everything. Thanks for taking part to everyone, and feel free to leave feedback etc. =) I hope you agree with the order. And, a special well done, to Quickz for winning this contest. Your level was the best.


Permalink JCF Upgrade October 15th 2008

This newspost sucks.