Jazz2Online news for March 2002

Permalink [GpW] gone.. interview. March 29th 2002

Shadow has announced that he will stop with GpW. It will probably be taken over by Disguise or Newspaz.

This is a sad event. :/

Read Shadow’s announcement
Read Beauman’s interview with Shadow

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Permalink DMOZ March 25th 2002

Link has become editor of the Jazz Jackrabbit entry at DMOZ. DMOZ is a free web directory that aims to become the web’s leading directory. It feeds to many search engines, which means the links submitted there are found on these engines automaticly.

View the Jazz Jackrabbit entry here or Link’s announcement here.

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Permalink Lori's birthday March 14th 2002

Source: DrJones

I’m a little bit late, but yesterday was Lori’s birthday.
Give her a few cheers.

Click here to view the thread DrJones started.

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Permalink TSF -> 1.23 patch March 11th 2002

If you’ve accidently saved your 1.23 level in the TSF file format, here’s a solution for you. Overlord has created a patch that lets 1.23 load TSF levels, albeit they did not use a special tileset with over 1000 tiles.

Go see!

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Permalink First review. March 9th 2002

I would like to comment on this scary new trend: reviewing a level, just to get the first review.

It’s okay to review a level first and mention that, but at least make it a good review, and give a rating. Do not spam the downloads section with stupid reviews that make no sense just so you have the first review!

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