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Permalink Want to take part in a treasure level making contest? September 17th 2014

Source: JCF thread

That’s right, a contest for the forgotten official gamemode. And you could win real money! However, this won’t happen without your input.

You can also find more information on this thread here.

The poll will last for two weeks, so get voting!

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Permalink Nick Stadler visits JCF, offers JJ2 artwork for sale September 14th 2014

Source: JCF thread

In the wake of the Jazz Jackrabbit Revival Kickstarter fiasco, none other than original Jazz Jackrabbit 2 artist Nick Stadler just visited (and posted on) our forums!

Basically you should just go read his post, but what it comes down to is that he’s found a stack of old JJ2 artwork (the hand-drawn originals) and will be offering them up for sale soon. Included are for example the originals for the Time Warp comic and the game’s box art.

So if you’re interested in getting your hands on those originals, do go visit the thread. Nick says he’ll post some scans/photos too soon, so keeping an eye on the thread for the next few weeks might be useful.


Permalink POLLLLLLL September 10th 2014

Best crossover idea?
Bowser with a Bandana 7 votes (17%)
Solid Snake with a Spinkick 5 votes (12%)
Bulbasaur with a Buttstomp 10 votes (25%)
Toad with a Trigger Crate 5 votes (12%)
Frogger with a Fourteen-Carrot Diamond Ring 13 votes (32%)
Total votes: 40

I have no idea how he’s gonna cross the road with that huge ring. Still, the people have spoken. Get on it, Violet!

Fairly mundane question this time, but I’m interested in the answer nonetheless. The downloads section has arguably always been the most important part of our site (together with the JCF), but uploads have slowed down lately. Are you still keeping up with the newest levels and tilesets?


Permalink Ballistic Bunny remix is out September 3rd 2014

Source: JCF thread

As a (slightly belated) gift to the community for Jazz’s 20th anniversary, our household composer DoubleGJ and his band have released a delicious small remix album: Ballistic Bunny.

It is a remix EP consisting of remixes of (you guessed it) the Ballistic Bunny planets from Jazz 1: Letni, Technoir, and Orbitus. With a bonus track, even!

(…) there’s 4 tracks. The EP includes an original composition “in the style of” – a song for a mockup of a planet, a robot assembly compound hidden on a highly unstable volcanic planet which I dubbed Lavalon.

Listen to Ballistic Bunny HERE!


Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit Revival appears on Kickstarter September 3rd 2014

Source: Kickstarter

Update: The kickstarter was taken down after a copyright claim by Epic: see here

A rather unknown and small indie group Turbo Tech Games lead by RĂ³bert Taddeo wants to revive Jazz Jackrabbit. This by making a kickstarter and let people pledge (in return for some rewards).

The game will be developed as Semi-3D in the Unreal Engine, so think about games such as New Supermario Brothers & The Giana Sisters.

They are planning to have 4 episodes that includes 3 different planets. Each planet will contain 10 levels.

You can find more info on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/913575118/jazz-jackrabbit-revival?ref=watched_project_launched

Note: There’s no mention of Epic games on the page and the name of the series is actually misspelled in several places. So tread carefully, this may not be legit!