ERE: Rules and Guidelines

To have the encyclopedia not turn into a mess, some rules should be adhered. These rules come in addition to the general J2O rules so you should naturally follow those on ERE as well.

The general rules on Jazz2Online

These are a few things that are in the J2O rules that you should avoid, such as:
  • Levelling insults at people
  • Using coarse language
  • Bypassing the word filter
  • Advertising warez or different sites
  • General spamming
  • Posting content with a sexual theme

If you find any of these things, feel free to remove them.

There are also some rules and guidelines specific to this encyclopedia. It’s very advisable you read this through in full if you intend to make large contributions or add an entry of your own.

Be as neutral as possible

You should not, at any time, let your personal views shine through in an entry. A wiki offers information, not opinions. Encyclopedia entries are not there to opine how good/bad certain clans or levels are. If anything, it could be mentioned that a level is one of the most popular or talked about, but it needs to be neutral.

Be co-operative

Don’t work against other people when editing, or force through your own ideas in entries. This is a co-operative encyclopedia so be co-operative. Use the discussion feature (it’s in the function bar on top and below every entry) to discuss what is the best way to do something if people have different opinions as to how the entry is best written.

Language usage

This wiki, and the site it’s hosted on, has English as its main language. Therefore, you should write wiki entries only in English. Quotes are an exception, as it might sometimes be necessary to include a foreign-language quote. You should only do this if the language of the quote influences its relevancy.

You should never use slang. This includes internet slang: avoid using words such as ‘lol’, ‘pwned’ or ‘noobs’. You should use neither smilies nor shortenings like ‘ppl’ for ‘people’. Always use the third person (‘it’, ‘he’) and avoid using the first person (‘I’ or ‘me’), unless it’s necessary. Try to shorten quotes when they are too long: if you think quotes contribute to the quality of the article, consider putting them into a seperate section.

Example of the guidelines above (in an article about Alfred):

- When I interviewed Alfred and asked “Hey m8, how r u doin and what do u think of ppl like those TSF noobs”, he answered “lol, uhm, i think u shouldnt look down on them, after all we were all noobs once.” :D :D :D

- In an interview with Brenda, Alfred, on a question about the newer TSF players, stated that people shouldn’t look down on them: “After all, we were all newer players once”.

Of course, when slang, long quotes, usage of the first person or smilies are really relevant to the article, don’t hesitate when using them. In any other cases, don’t.

Keeping it all linked together

When making a new article, you should only do it if it’s linked to from some other page. This is to keep it all linked together. If there’s no article that has a link to the prospective article you want to write, you could decide to put it somewhere, in a good place. Don’t just throw it in anywhere.

Topic choice and scope of this encyclopedia

  • Any article should be Jazz Jackrabbit- or community-related. For info on Doom 3 or vBulletin there’s Wikipedia.
  • Any articles on clans in this community should be about either pretty popular or moderately old clans. If a clan was just started a couple of months ago, it’s outside the scope of this encyclopedia. This is to prevent people from adding entries on the clan they started a month ago, their 10th clan, in fact, which nobody even knows about.
  • Any articles on individuals in this community should be about very influential ones, ones that were instrumental to the way this community grew or who aided in creating any of the Jazz Jackrabbit games. A good entry would be Dethman, or Wakeman, or Onag, but not, say, Superbunny64902.

A good entry would also be Arjan Brussee or Cliff Bleszinski, or Jeh, because they all were persons who helped develop the JJ series. This is all to avoid having an encyclopedia where everyone is adding articles about themselves and their friends/enemies and you can’t see the forest for the trees.