Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski, better known in the Jazz Jackrabbit community under his nickname “CliffyB“, was a lead game designer of the Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 games. He was also credited on Jazz Jackrabbit Advance for the “Design Direction”.


Cliff Bleszinski is often regarded as a “rock star” game producer. Apart from his game designing work, he also hosts Game award shows such as G-Phoria and can be heard on G4 TV often. He has also worked on a lot of other famous and successful games, most notable the Unreal and Unreal Tournament series. Since his start in the videogaming business with his work on Jazz Jackrabbit 1 he has been working for Epic Games and currently he lives in Raleigh (United States of America), the city where Epic Games is based.

Cliff Bleszinski and Jazz Jackrabbit

Cliff Bleszinski is, apart from Dean Dodrill, the only member of the Jazz Jackrabbit team who has a JCF account, and has posted a few posts about Jazz Jackrabbit Advance. He has said that he was, together with Dean Dodrill, working on “something very early”. He also said that “if Jazz were to return, he would probably be a 3rd person 3d title [and] appear on a next-generation console first”.

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