Jazz2Online, also reffered to as “J2O” is considered by many to be the hub of the Jazz Jackrabbit community. It is a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fansite containing several sections, most importantly a news and a downloads section, where everybody is able to upload levels.


Jazz2Online was founded by GraphixJJF and FQuist, after they met in an Anniversary Bash server and by chance discovered that they both had interest in creating an interactive fansite. At that time, no fansites were completely interactive. During development, Cheese and Bobby aka Dizzy (who now owns the site) joined in.

In August 2004, Jazz2Online v2 was released, which was a complete rebuild of the site. It also sported a new layout, designed by Ovi Demetrian.

Site Features

  • Information about the game, the characters, and official levels.
  • A “Games In Progress” script, which displays the active online games.
  • A discussion forum.
  • A downloads section for homemade levels, tile sets and utilities with reviews and ratings.
  • Articles about (almost) everything related to Jazz.
  • A gallery containing pictures and voice clips of community members.
  • Links to other Jazz fansites, an online encyclopedia (the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia, which is what you are reading now) and more.


Jazz2Online is divided into many sections:


This section contains information about the Jazz Jackrabbit series, Jazz2Online, and the community.


Contains information about the characters, end bosses and enemies.


Here is the information about the official levels.

Party Mode

This section has everything you need for playing online; tips, weapon info, necesarry patches, and more.


Contains everything you need to make levelpacks; tips and articles, and some JCS.ini patches.


The Jazz Community Forums website.


The place where everyone can upload homemade levels. Users can then review and rate them.


This section contains articles on everything about Jazz, from levelmaking to interviews.


Links to some of the best sites about Jazz Jackrabbit, such as Haze's Hideout.


Links to other Jazz2Online sections, for example the online encyclopedia you are reading now.

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