The French Jazz Jackrabbit player

Welcome to my user page! You’ve found my rabbit’s name on this wiki? That’s true it is easy to meet among the most recent wiki changes.

You’d like to learn something about me? What could be interesting? Let me see…

I’ll give you some information about my own life and my rabbit’s life. I’ll barely give identity information.

Table of contents

  1. Biography
  2. Jazz Jackrabbit and me – My rabbit’s life
    1. An old CD-ROM of demos
    2. A complete version
    3. Playing online
    4. My first server
    5. The young Jazz
    6. Introduction to the community
    7. Actual big playing period
      1. My own server
      2. Level making
      3. New companion
  3. My role on this wiki
    1. Registered on J2O
    2. A big contributor without knowledge
  4. External links
    1. Jazz2Online
    2. Others
  5. I don’t want to read about you

I. Biography

I’m actually (2011) a young boy. I was born in Bordeaux (France) and still live near this city. I now study in the biggest lycée (end of secondary school) of Bordeaux, in a European section that allows me to write so well in English (huh, don’t forget my English translator).

I’m very interested in maths and spend a lot of time on the computer, to program (in C++) or do anything related, to edit ERE articles, to play games (usually Jazz Jackrabbit 2)… Everything of my life is on my computer.

Yes. I’m usually alone. I’ve rarely felt good with anybody, and I’ve always been very strong to annoy people without doing it on purpose. Only my computer listens to me…

Of course, I’m a good pupil, and I’ve always been so. But school and computer can’t make a life alone. I’m unbearable so I can’t have a life.

II. Jazz Jackrabbit and me – My rabbit’s life

It’s a very long story!

A. An old CD-ROM of demos

When I was about 7 (2003), my neighbour showed me an old CD-ROM he had found by accident in his house with demos of games. Among them, Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Shareware Edition (or Shareware Demo). As a chance, we tried this one. And of course, it was great! I installed it at home and played single player games or treasure hunts on Sharetrs with my brother and my sister during a few years.

B. A complete version

I played once with a friend who enjoyed it and then tried to download a complete version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (with eMule). He succeeded (even if his version had a virus) and I obtained Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files. I was now able to access online games. Unfortunately, this friend had a big connection problem and couldn’t play online. We only played together in my home.

At this time, I tried to make levels but it was only dirty assemblies of tiles: nothing that could be interesting. I couldn’t create a server to test it and I didn’t know why.

This friend didn’t really help me to learn to play, but I remember he showed me that Jazz Jackrabbit 2 could be in French! I even hadn’t discovered it.

C. Playing online

I’m not able to find a nickname so I chose to play with my nationality as rabbit’s name. It doesn’t prevent some players from asking me “Where are you from?” but is understood by most of the others.
I chose Jazz because Spaz is a too crazy rabbit for me. Jazz, more serious but not too much, corresponds better to my personality. I chose a blue fur but the other colours stayed unfixed during several years. Today, I have a white gun, an orange headband and an orange armsling.

I played quite frequently and became a quite good player (sufficiently for a newbee). Some rabbits introduced me to the Jazz Jackrabbit world, whereas at the beginning, I didn’t know how to chat.
I wasn’t able to speak English at all at this time, but I met some French players, or players who spoke French. I remember especially a girl who learned French and spoke it very well. She took a lot of nicknames, but I think that the most used was Désirée. She usually used French nicknames and said she had her menu in French as well. But her mistakes with the language proved that she wasn’t French. I suppose she was a teenager or a young woman.

This girl, so, often played with me. She made me want to play. She wasn’t so good, she didn’t tell me techniques; I only recently understood that I could swap the weapon with the keyboard figures. But I remember she introduced me to JazzEd when I asked her how she made her name written in pink.

D. My first server

When I entered the collège (beginning of secondary school, 2005), I introduced a friend to Jazz Jackrabbit 2. He liked it and we made a level I still use today: a test currently known as Shiny Test (FrenchTest2) using the Uranium tileset. He barely helped me, but his rabbit’s name can still be found at the beginning of the level: he played as Wissa.

We tried to make a server and apparently his connection allowed us to do that. So we could show some levels, like my labyrinth (Magical Maze, the only level I uploaded at this day), my test (today known as Spatial Journey) and our test. It wasn’t very successful, but we were happy.

E. The young Jazz

A few time later, my father, who worked at France Telecom (currently known as Orange), found Jazz Jackrabbit 1 on the web. I still keep an old computer (which bothers my little sister because it’s big on her desk) to play this game. But I rarely do it, because I’m very bad with such a low resolution and the music is not played. So this is not very interesting.

F. Introduction to the community

After (2007), I started to program, and I left my old video games. I didn’t play to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 during a whole year, after which I came again to remind the Jazz Jackrabbit universe and the community. But sadly, I never met my dear Désirée at this time.

Instead of her, I found another player, a Czech about 15 and very strong at Jazz Jackrabbit 2, even though he never used JCS. We met at a game once and became contacts on Windows Live Messenger, because he spoke French very well. I don’t even remember his rabbit’s name; we rarely played together. He tried several times to teach me some techniques and it was helpful. But above all, we met on WLM to speak French (I helped him for his French exercises). We could also talk about the Jazz Jackrabbit games or the community. He made me know JJ2+, Jazz2Online, JJ2 Clan Ladder and some players (like DanZeal). Thanks to him, I’m know an admitted player. I stopped playing frequently after six months, but we kept talking and I didn’t really left the game, until he left without saying goodbye. I never met him again. I gave up with Jazz2.

G. Actual big playing period

And once again, in 2009, I came: this was a new big period of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. I almost quit the game after six new months of playing, but I stayed because I discovered I could make interesting add-ons for it.

1. My own server

A few months ago, with J2O help, I succeeded in creating a functional server. Since this big event, I very often play at Jazz Jackrabbit 2! My levels and especially my labyrinth were filled with many players who variously liked them.

I’m also the administrator of a “Be Admin!” server, in which every player can become administrator and deal with the game. It is not always successful, but it allows players to browse among official levels and ones I created, and to choose their . I barely moderate it so some players can be very annoying because their rights are really wide.

2. Level making

I’ve never made a very good level, with nice design or interesting objective; I’m just very classic and basic. I’ve worked a lot on JCS (I even translated it in French) but work doesn’t do everything. I only created a few levels not very original but they’re not so bad. They’re not very popular: I even don’t dare upload them, but thanks to my server, they’re played and known by a certain number of players.

3. New companion

On a Zeal server, I met a French player interested in design. We often talk on WLM, I taught him many things and we succeeded in creating a tileset. He now draws some tilesets (he is not very good with colour but drawings are nice) and make levels. He is learning but it’s not bad at all. He also could create his server, so I don’t have to host his levels, but we often play together. He’s not as good as me, but it can be an interesting adversary.

III. My role on this wiki

Maybe you’re here because you wonder what I do on this encyclopedia?

A. Registered on J2O

Jazz2Online taught me many things about the Jazz Jackrabbit games, and especially Jazz Jackrabbit 2, particularly with its wiki, this, the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia. But I regret it had been left so uncompleted.

I’ve always been very bothering with orthography, typography, formatting and things like. Wikis are a big amount of work for that. That’s why I registered on Jazz2Online. I also do so on Wikipedia.

B. A big contributor without knowledge

I feel like a big contributor. I actually edit lots of articles, add some entries and even categories but I feel alone by doing this! No body works on this encyclopedia! There’s only me, who tries to make everything nice… I hope it’s read by many players.

I don’t have a lot of information about the game. I try to write everything I know or can find, but it’s often difficult, especially for wanted entries.

But after having reading all that, you can see that I’m able to write a novel in English (even if my mistakes are probably frequent)!

IV. External links

You want more and more about me? I can’t give you more than the following links.

A. Jazz2Online

B. Others

V. Don’t want to read about the French player

You weren’t looking for me? Oh, I’m getting sad… On this page, you may find the user you want to learn about.


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