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Music posted with permission from Alexander Brandon. Tek11bak by Bass Productions; all other music by Alex Brandon. Winamp or similar program required to play the music. Click Here to download the files in mp3. (hosted by Monolith) Also a credit goes to Alberto for giving us the new music.

Level   Name   Length   Size
Jazz3Title   Jazz Jackrabbit 3   2:14   1.38mb
Hopteego   Hopteego Village   1:49   1.17mb
Tutor   Learning Curve   1:43   1.37mb
Forest   Greenland   2:19   1.48mb
Rocket   Skygazer   1:54   1.09mb
Castle   Castle City   3:19   682kb
Tek11bak   Haunted Terrero   4:32   418kb
Basement   Deep Wander   2:38   1.77mb
Tube   Green Target   1:57   1.32mb
Canyon   Runabout   1:48   446kb
Jack   Jack of Spades   1:43   1.69mb
SunSong   Sun Song   1:55   673kb
Foyer   Funky Foyer   1:22   958kb
New Songs  
Level   Name   Length   Size
Basebos   Basement Boss   1:05   1.77mb
basement2   Basement 2   3:55   1.77mb
castleboss   Castle Boss   0:46   681kb
castle-new   Castle Version 2   3:19   771kb
castle-old   Castle Version 1   3:19   681kb
fanfare   Fanfare   0:08   6.81kb
forest2   Forest 2   2:19   1.47mb
shop   Shop   1:11   1.47mb