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Mar 11, 2019, 02:56 AM
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Good afternoon. After some deliberation, we've decided to get things going earlier than has been usual recently (but has been the norm many packs ago). Below you'll find "baseline" lists, composed by all three of us equally.

We made them by listing the most recent quality releases, and filling the gaps with most of the levels that have recieved JCS Awards in the past, and also a few miscellanous choices (call it organiser's privilege ).


Academy - SuperJazz
Alcatraz - Loon
Chasing the Stars - cooba
The Chasm - Blackraptor
Cold Cavern Classic - DennisKainz
Dream Stage - Snooze
Enter the Chaos - FireSworD
Horizon Approaching - Seren
Hyperviolence - PurpleJazz
The Impossible Metropolis - cooba
Outgrown - FireSworD
Palmcoke - Archon
Rainforest Revelry - Ragnarok & cooba
RainV - Violet CLM
Relic Valley - FireSworD
Rift - BlurredD
Rúnheimr - Seren
Toxicity - Electric Ir
Under Construction - Snooze
The Warden Woods - cooba
What is this?! - Newspaz


Antiquity - Snooze
The Astrolabe - Ragnarok
Battle of Waterloo 1835 - Seren
Butrinti - Loon
Carrot Farm - Loon
Castle of Devan Shell - Laro
Cleanse - Seren
The Crackdown - cooba
Dawn of Combat - BlurredD
The Dragon Eyrie - PurpleJazz
Employee of the Month - EvilMike
Frontier Falls - FawFul
Giant's Steps - PurpleJazz
Just Got Carrot Away - stripe
Mt. Helens - SuperJazz
Nidavellir - Toni
Orbital IV - FawFul
Painted Garden - PurpleJazz
Sparkling Illusions - ThunDerDraGon
Stronghold - SuperJazz
Sweet Release - Electric Ir

As far as we're concerned, these lists are already good to go, and if no suggestions are made in the next couple of weeks, these will be what gets hosted. If you're looking to get one of your levels on the list, or if you're interested in making a new one for the occassion, REPLY TO THIS THREAD so we can know when and how to make adjustments to the baseline list.

You may also ask why they're listed in an alphabetical order - we haven't decided on a specific order yet, mainly because there's still time for that, but also because we feel that making a specific order is pointless in the age of shuffled level lists.

Comments welcome.