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Question what will happen when I get 500 points more?

I made it the score to 9999500.

from now..

what will happen when I get 500 points more? can you guess?
Well, I think that if it scored over than 10 millions, it'll be stopped or something wrong.

But it able to show over than 10000000.(I checked it, but I've not take a screenshot. sorry about that..)

Although, it have a bit problem.

On the Hiscore, only up to 1 million digits are displayed.(10 million digits are invisible. for example, 10 million point is shown like seven zeros. I 've also checked it, but no screenshot about it. oops.. why am I not captured it?)

Fortunately, it doesn't stop or something terrible thing are not happened.(Oh! Thanks GOD!)

P.S. Don't believe it too much. maybe not. oh and so, if you not funny about this, so here's a silly image.

Although he was out. But his 'future' is not out.
If he wasn't catch it.. Umm..
1.Please understand my 'Stupid' english. I always sorry about that..어쩌면 재즈 잭 래빗을 즐기는 유일한 한국인..?
2.Well.. it just my opinion.

Or if you won't, then I'll kill you with this COOL weapon.

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