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Jan 27, 2017, 09:26 PM
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This is an in-progress angelscript library, for use in single player levels, which will allow you to place any enemy from JJ1 in your levels as a fully functional enemy with just a single line of code. For instance, the following script replaces the JJ2 Diamondus enemies with the JJ1 Diamondus enemies, but you could replace any other event instead, e.g. replacing green springs with Marbelara dragons or whatever suits the need of your level design.
#include "Jazz1Enemies v05.asc"

void onLevelLoad() {
	Jazz1::MakeEnemy(OBJECT::NORMTURTLE, Jazz1::Enemies::Diamondus_TurtleGoon);
	Jazz1::MakeEnemy(OBJECT::BUMBEE, Jazz1::Enemies::Diamondus_BumblingBee);
JJ1 enemies are generally a lot simpler than JJ2 ones, of course, but there are a lot of them, and adding a few non-standard enemies (with little to no scripting skills required of you) is a good way to make your SP level stand out from the crowd.

These are not intended to be pixel-perfect recreations of the original enemy code (unlike in PlusOJ). Generally behaviors have been rewritten to move more smoothly, e.g. an enemy that previously moved four pixels every other tick will now move two pixels every tick. This is generally a good thing but I felt obliged to mention it.

This library is still in development, though, and currently includes only the enemies from JJ1's first six episodes and HH94. The enemies introduced by JJ1 CD (episodes A-C) and HH95 are not yet implemented.

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