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Dec 4, 2017, 03:33 PM
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Hello! This is the public issue tracker for JJ2+. If you have a bug report or a concrete feature request, this is the place to be. If not, and you just have a question or feedback to make, the general discussion thread is probably a better place to go.

Being an issue tracker, rules are little different from the rest of the forum here. Please read them carefully or your posts may be deleted. Note that the general rules still apply as well.
  • Please check the documentation first. We don't expect everyone to know the readme by heart, but if you're going to report a bug, you should try to make sure it's not a known issue or intended behaviour. Likewise, if you request a feature, try to be certain that there is currently no other way of doing what you want. The Readme and Scripting reference are your go-to documents to check this.
  • Replying is encouraged, even if you have no new information to add. If a bug has already been reported, it is still helpful for us to know that it's affecting you too. If the feature you want has already been requested, it's helpful if you chime in with the original submitter. We use replies to see how popular a request is and how serious bugs are; so do leave a reply, even if it's just "me too!"
  • Each issue is a separate thread. Please make a new thread for each bug or feature request. Having exactly one issue per thread makes it easier for everyone to find things and makes it easier for us to see which ideas are popular and which aren't. Spamming is generally not allowed on these forums, but here it's okay to open multiple threads if you have a separate report or request for each of them.
  • Please search the forum before submitting a new issue. Maybe it has already been reported by someone else; in that case, find their thread and add a reply in support of the original issue.
  • Each issue should have a detailed description. A detailed, unambiguous description helps us give an accurate response to your report, and makes it easier to do something about it. Please use the correct prefix to make your thread easier to categorize. See the next post for an example of how to report an issue. If you are reporting an Access Violation crash, please attach a screenshot of the error message you get.
  • It may take a while for things to happen. There are usually over six months between JJ2+ releases, so even if your idea is great and well-described, it may take time for it to actually be developed. Filing an issue is not a guarantee of getting your idea into JJ2+. We will however give all requests and reports fair consideration.

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