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 Viewing node Important phrases (Howto JCS)

Important phrases (Howto JCS)

Important phrases that you hopefully already know, but this is just in case...

"JCS" - JCS is short for Jazz Creation Station...(DUH)

"levels" - The whole game is devided in small parts, that are called levels. A level is simply one area of the gameworld. The whole idea of Jazz Creation Station is that you make your own levels.

"tilesets" - A level is made with small building blocks. These are called "tiles". A tileset is a collection (or set) of tiles. One tileset is usually restricted to a certain theme. For example a jungle tileset, or a castle tileset.

"map" - In this case, "map" refers to a level which is being edited in JCS.

"events" - When making a level you can apply an event to a tile on your map. An event specifies what happens at the tile it has been assigned to. For example, you can apply the "hurt" event to a tile of spikes. Events are also used to place enemies, bosses, pick-ups, start positions, springs and other special things.

"layers" - When you play the game you may notice that some things are in front of and some things are behind Jazz (from your point of view). This is because Jazz is on layer 4 which is the "sprite layer". Things in front of him are on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer (the foreground layers) and things behind him are on layer 5, 6, 7, and 8 (the background layers). If you make a very simple level you only have to work on the 4th and the 8th layer.

"masks" - The mask of a tileset is basicly what Jazz walks on. Every tileset has a mask. A mask tells JCS and Jazz whát is solid and whát is air. A mask only needs two colors; one color for the air and another color for the solid things.

"frames" - Frames are the different tiles included in an animated tile.

"translucent" - When a tile is translucent, it's see-through. This is often used for foreground tiles like water.

"caption" - When the tile property is switched on caption, this tile will be shown in the bar with 'Jazz Jackrabbit 2'.

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