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 Viewing node Ambient sounds (Howto JCS)

Ambient sounds (Howto JCS)

Ambient sound is sound that is located at a particular place in a level. The closer you are to the sound, the louder it will be. JCS has a number of ambient sounds you can use in your level. Here's how to...

1) Put an ambient sound event somewhere in a level (It's in the "Gameplay" - "Sound" group).

2) Before you click OK, you have to choose a sound. This is done by entering a number in the "Sample" box. This number can be anything from 0 till 255.

Here's a list (made by Syntax and modified by me) that tells you the kind of sound you get with each number:

0 Wind/Void
1 Torch Flicker
2 Futuristic Computer Beeping?
3-6 Rapid Gunshots
7 Half-Rapid Gunshot
8 RF Explosion
9 ???helicopter
10-12 ricochet
13-14 crispy hit
15 Powered-Up Normal Gunshot
16-17 Rapid Gunshot
18-23 Bouncer Variations
24 Normal Gunshot
25-26 Pepper Spray Variations
27-33 Freeze Gun Variations
34-36 Lazer Gun Variations
37 RF Missle
38 Seeker Missle
39-41 Bouncer/Freeze (Merged)?
42-52 (null?)
*53 Don't Use*
54-59 (null)
60-62 (null)
63 Airboard Whoosh
64 Airboard Turn
*65 Don't Use*
66 thumping
67-68 TNT Alarms
69 TNT Explosion
70-71 Pole Flip
72 Bouncer Bounce
73-74 Bubble Shield Shot
75 giant armored beast walking towards you?
76 Flame Flicker
77 something metal hitting a can
78 Shield Time Running Out (ticking)
79 Coin Collect
80 Collapsing Scenery
81 level crossing (you know, trains...)
82 Buttstomp/Destruct Scenery
83 birds
84 jazz swallowing carrot
85-88 swallow (crab sound?)
89-92 chewing
93-95 Laser/Electric Shield Variations?
96 TNT Explosion
97 Normal Gunshot Hitting Wall
98 Toaster Shot
99 marching
100 woosh
101 helicopter-like woosh
102 woodpecker
103 ???
104 ???
105 Ice Destruction
106 Crate/Monitor Destruction
107 Gunshot?
108 1up
109 Lose Life (musical)
**110 Don't Use**
**111 Don't Use**
112 weeeooo (drop)
113 Buttstomp Frozen Crate
114 the shooting of...a crate?
115-123 shell sounds (bouncing and shooting)
124 high-pitched "wa, wa, wa, wa..."
125 Jump
126 blob (heard when exiting water)
127 something hittin metal
128 machine gun
129 ???digging machine?
130 Gunshot?
131 Gunshot?
132 Hitting Ground
133 click
134 twoing-click
135 metal poles hitting eachother
136 videogame twinkle
137 Bonus Warp Check
138 Gem Collect
139 Ammo Collect
140 loud thumping
141 Water Shield
142 ???
143 drip
144 143 faster
145 Shield Clock (ticking)
146 Dying (pop)
147 Spaz' spaceship
148 scraping and ticking
149 Revvin' Up
150 (null)
151 ultra lasergun
152 pushing a crate/howling/sawing
153 spacey alarm
154 Electric Shield
155 Rabbit Noise
156 ???
157-161 Buttstomp Enemy
162 ???
163 Spring Bounce
164 steam/rattle
165 (null)
166 Airboard Turn (again?)
167 woosh-boing
168-169 Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
170-174 woosh
175 Warp
176 Warp Target
177 Buttstomp
178 Entering/Leaving Water
179 ???
180-255 (null)

The numbers with a * or ** result in errors (So, DON'T USE THEM!).

3) Once you've chosen a sound all you have to do is click OK, Save & Run and test your level.

Added on: 2 June 2001 15:01. Made by Ninja Dodo & Syntax.