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 Viewing node Detached Starfields

Detached Starfields

One of the layer properties in JCS is "Parallaxing stars background (Star Wars)". This option, when applied to a textured background, causes a number of little white and gray dots to appear off by the horizon line of the background. This article explains how to get this effect to appear in a level without a textured background.

Set Layer 8 to be 1x1, Tile Width, Tile Height. Place a single tile in it with no transparency. Give the layer a parallaxing stars background.

Create the background you actually want to use in the level and place it in layer 7. This background can't be textured, but if you wanted it textured, you wouldn't need all this stuff. Of course, it should tile width and tile height and all that stuff. (You should avoid using any transparent pixels in this layer.)

Choose which layer you want the stars to be in. Choose 5 or 6 if you want the stars to appear in the background. 1, 2 or 3 will put them in the foreground, in front of sprites. It's your choice.

Go into that layer, and set it to texture mode, leaving Tile Width and Tile Height off. Place at least one tile somewhere in the layer.

Save & Run.

Added on: 31 May 2005 05:15. Made by Violet CLM.