Palette Swap Animations
Tileset Basics
  Compiling a tileset
Tilesets Masks
  Masking in general
Tilesets Palettes
  16 bit to 8 bit
  Creating the Palette
  3D Tileset Objects
  Underwater Ambient Lighting
Jcs events
  Ambient sounds (Howto JCS)
  Mystery of the Pacman Ghost
  Destruct Scenery
  Buttstomp Scenery
  MCE's - why and how
  Events moved by belts
  Event Theory
Jcs interface
  JCS Hotkeys
  Textured Backgrounds
Leveldesign theory
  Important phrases (Howto JCS)
  Bouncy things
Leveldesign tutorials
  Making a simple level (Howto JCS)
  Layers (Howto JCS)
  Background Music
  Cool layer tricks
  Trigger Scenery in background layers
  Tile Cache
  Motion Blur
  Remembering Triggers
  Links and Resources
  Welcome to JCSref
  Detached Starfields

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Links and Resources

Welcome to the links page. Here you can find several JCS-related links.

Howto JCS
Howto JCS is a nifty page about JCS, made by Ninja Dodo, Electric and Newspaz. It contains a huge amount of tips and tutorials. If you want to learn JCS, you should visit it.

Howto JCS -

Disguise's tilesets resource
Site with all kinds of tileset info by one of the most experienced tileset creators.

Disguise's tilesets resource -

Jazz Center
A mainly Polish web-site with a number of JCS tutorials.

Jazz Center -

Jazz 2 Online Articles
Jazz 2 Online has a lot of JCS related articles on a large variety of subjects.

Jazz 2 Online Articles-

Level groups
J2lC - Jazz 2 Level Creators.

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