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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Jazz Jackrabbit 3?
A: Jazz 3 is the sequel to the 1998 Arcade Game of the Year, Jazz Jackrabbit 2. This website is devoted to giving you all available information about this long-time secret project.
Q: Is the game 2D or 3D?
A: Jazz enters the 3D world for the first time in a Mario 64-type environment. It was agreed that there wasn't much more Jazz could do in the 2D world.
Q: Is Jazz 3 a First Person Shooter?
A: A Third Person Shooter would be more accurate. Again, think Mario with a gun. Jazz 3 is more of an Adventure game, although your gun is still your best friend.
Q: What game engine is being used?
A: The current engine is Unreal/Unreal Tournament.
Q: Who is responsible for creating the game?
A: World Tree Games (WTG), formerly known as Eclipse Productions, were responsible for all of the programming and sound. Dean Dodrill (Jagged Edge Studios) did the majority of the design, art, and animation. Unlike the previous Jazz games, Epic and Orange Games had very little involvement. Click here for the full credits.
Q: Did people from the Jazz 2 team work on Jazz 3?
A: Dean "Noogy" Dodrill was also the cinematic animator for Jazz 2. Alexander Brandon, Epic's former Jazz 2 musician who now works for World Tree Games, also came back to do the Jazz 3 soundtrack.
Q: When will Jazz 3 be released?
A: To everybody's dismay, it is very unlikely that Jazz 3 will ever see the light of day.
Q: Why was it canceled?
A: Jazz 3 has been on rocky ground since it went into development. It was started as an unofficial project, originating from a team of about five people with roots in Eclipse Productions. The guys worked for months without a budget. When it came time to show their work to Epic, the original creators of Jazz were very impressed, but Epic was unable to find a publisher. Without a publisher backing Jazz 3 with their money, work could not continue. The Gathering of Developers, who published Jazz 2 in the United States, was the prime candidate, but they turned down Jazz 3 with a simple reason: Jazz 2 was the only game they ever lost money on, and they didn't want to make the same mistake with Jazz 3. Now the project was in Epic's hands, and they called it quits. (Epic owns the rights to the Unreal engine and the Jazz characters, which makes it difficult to do anything without them.) Epic had offered to move Dean Dodrill to their North Carolina office to work on Jazz 3, but Dean turned down the offer. It wouldn't work with his current living situation, and he had more important things on his mind, namely getting married. The rest of the team also went off to work on other projects.
Q: When was Jazz 3 officially cancelled?
A: The last time WTG did any real work was in March 2000, when they stopped hearing from anybody. The cancellation was official in late May.
Q: How long was Jazz 3 under development?
A: Roughly two years were spent on the game, during which time nobody received any form of payment for their work, and probably never will be compensated. That would place the beginnings of Jazz 3 around the release of Jazz 2.
Q: How much work has been accomplished?
A: At one time, it was estimated that 25% of the game was finished. A self-running, playable demo was largely completed, which was shown to Epic and potential publishers. Although the demo runs off of Unreal technology, it plays without Unreal installed. One well-defined character (Jazz) was playable in a large variety of environments. A few enemies, weapons, and items were in place, and a soundtrack of a dozen songs was implemented.
Q: Will the Jazz community ever get to see the demo?
A: Although WTG wants to release the demo, and Cliff Bleszinski (the owner of Jazz) has talked about distributing the game for free on the Internet, right now it is unlikely that we'll see Jazz 3 anytime soon. Before it could be released, the demo would have to be reprogrammed to eliminate the Unreal technology, or else WTG would be paying Epic a hefty $300,000 for use of their engine. It would take a great deal of time to do the reprogramming, and WTG is not interested in working on it right now. They are tied up with other projects, and working on Jazz 3 does not make them any money, so it has the least priority. There's a better possibility that Jazz 3 may be released as an Unreal or UT mod.
Q: What is the storyline?
A: Unlike its predecessors, the storyline of Jazz 3 is very important. Robert Allen, the producer of Jazz 2, came up with the original idea, which was fleshed out by Dean. The game ties in with Jazz 2, starting with a battle between Jazz and Devan in a 2D environment, either in cutscene form or actual gameplay. (A story board for one such cutscene was drawn, but never animated.) The premise has Jazz and his wife with kids, which Devan comes to kidnap. Devan is successful in snatching the kids away, taking them into an alternate universe using the Jazz 2 Time Machine. (converted to a Dimensional Machine) This alternate universe turns out to be the 3rd Dimension, and of course, Jazz must venture into the 360-degree world to rescue his children. During the search, Devan uses the kid's dreams against Jazz...
Q: Who are the playable characters?
A: Jazz, Spaz, and Lori were all planned as playable characters, and perhaps also Razz, the famous blue rabbit rumored to be in Jazz 2, along with other unknown characters. Jazz is the only playable character in the current demo.
Q: What kind of special moves does Jazz have?
A: As of now, no special moves are known.
Q: What other characters make appearances?
A: Besides the well known characters from Jazz 2, there are many anonymous rabbits who walk around to offer you advice.
Q: How does the game play?
A: Unlike the first two Jazz games, there is not a system of levels. Each "level" is tied in with the others, forming one large map. This creates a nice adventure atmosphere with puzzles and enemies.
Q: What multiplayer features were implemented in the game?
A: Much was planned, but little was finished. Setting up games was similar to starting up a server on Jazz 2. Battle, Team Battle, CTF, and Treasure Hunt were some of the modes planned. This old screenshot shows a server being tested by a group of bots. However, the bots had problems, and currently there is no functional multiplayer/Internet play.
Q: What are the different levels/environments?
A: The demo alone has a wide range of environments, from a forest, beach, and canyon to a flooded castle near Carrotus Village. Of course, the village wouldn't be complete without the War Tavern..
Q: What kind of enemies are found in Jazz 3?
A: The standard turtles and lizards return, along with a dangerous kind of fly/bee. Enemies were never full developed, but the ones mentioned are functional.
Q: Weapons?
A: Your faithful Blaster is always by your side, and the Blue Bullet Bouncers from the previous Jazz games again return with 3D physics and a new name: the Gizmo Gun. (They claim that it has nothing to do with the Jazz 2 fan named Gizmo that many of us know.) Little more is known about the weapons, but they can be powered up with certain fire and ice cells.
Q: How much ammunition?
A: Jazz 3 uses a power bar, as seen in the screenshots, which is slowly depleted as you use a weapon. It automatically replenishes itself, eliminating the need to collect ammo.
Q: Has any artwork been released?
A: Screenshots and sketches can be found here.
Q: Any music samples?
A: Alex Brandon has generously released the entire Jazz 3 soundtrack, which you can downloaded here.
Q: Was Jazz 3 going to be released on a console?
A: Yes, in fact, the plan was to release Jazz 3 on Playstation 2 before it made a debut on the PC. In May of 2000, Epic announced their development of the Unreal engine on the PS2 console. At the same time, Epic reported that they were developing a brand new game using the Unreal engine for PS2. This game was Jazz 3, although it was never publicly mentioned. Of course, this never came to fruition.
Q: What is the Jazz 3 team doing now?
A: Recently, World Tree Games has been working on an updated version of their old classic, Tyrian. Dean Dodrill went on to work at Learn2.com and is living at home supporting his wife, Elizabeth.
Q: Were the rumors of Jazz 3 City true?

Yes, Jazz 3 City was under development for a long time, although it hit many stumbling blocks and never really got anywhere. "The #1 Jazz 3 site" began under the direction of Roaster. The idea was to implement everything Jazz 2 City had, but to make for easy updating using CGI. (Universe Jazz is a good example of how that might have worked out.) Wakeman happened to grab a very old, very preliminary version of the site, which can be viewed here.

Some time after this, Jazz Central came to learn about Jazz 3, and it already looked as if there might be some heated competition between J3C and Jazz Central over coverage of the game, even though Jazz 3 was still in preliminary stages. So, we found it to be logical to join forces, and soon we became the Dimension Jazz team. (No way associated with the current DJ website.) Not only would it be the ultimate Jazz 3 website, but it would also offer general info for previous Jazz games, combining aspects from both J2C and JC. This time DethMan headed up the design, but it is still unknown what work he completed. Around this time, both Jazz 2 City and Jazz Central began suffering from problems, and when both sites were shut down in January 2000, any hope of Dimension Jazz went with it.

Q: What was Jazz3.com all about?
A: www.jazz3.com is a domain that Alienator registered to prepare for the release of Jazz 3. He was also planning a general Jazz 3 website, but all we ever saw of it was a message board, as Alienator later abandoned the project when he saw that Jazz 3 wasn't going anywhere. Instead, he seized the opportunity to make a general Jazz website after J2C and JC went down, but Universe Jazz also did not last long. Jazz3.com currently forwards to Alienator's personal homepage.
Q: Is there any chance somebody may take up the Jazz 3 project again?
A: Now that the Jazz 3 team has broken up and gone off to do other projects, and due to the problems mentioned above, it's unlikely that anybody will work on Jazz 3 again.
Q: Is there anything the fans can do to convince Epic to do something with Jazz 3?
A: The project is dead, and there is nothing the fans can do right now.
Q: So there's really no hope?
A: Actually, some recent news has emerged which has provided a ray of hope. Upon speaking with Michiel Ouwehand, a former Jazz 2 programmer who currently works for LostBoys, ShadowGPW learned that LostBoys are "very interested in the wacko bunny" and may create a new Jazz 3, which would probably be "Semi-3D". Arjan Brussee, the lead programmer of Jazz 2 who now works at LostBoys, is also interested, despite his previous comments that he was through with Jazz. Development of Jazz 3 under LostBoys would mean a good budget and a much higher possibility of success. Visit this thread from the JMMB for more info, and keep your fingers crossed. There may still be hope for that mean green hare.

The Jazz 3 FAQ was compiled by ShadowGPW, DrJones, and Wakeman. Most information was offered by Dean "Noogy" Dodrill and World Tree Games. If you have a comment, rumor, or question about Jazz 3, please feel free to e-mail us.