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Jul 18, 2020, 11:16 AM
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Community Project: Halloween Hare

Halloween Hare

As the thread title implies, Halloween Hare (aka Halloween Hare '20) is a community-made, Halloween-themed, single player level pack, created in similar fashion to Holiday Hare '17 and Holiday Hare '18. It is planned to be released on Halloween day, October 31st. It's been a while since the last community-made level pack was created and the idea of "Halloween Hare" has been passed around for quite some time. I think it's about time we make it a reality!

What to expect?

As of the time I'm writing this post, the plan is to make a bunch of Halloween-themed levels that can be accessed from a "hub world" level. We intend to use custom weapons instead of the vanilla stuff. Maybe the pack will play out more like a (semi-)metroidvania such as the Shantae series. Collectibles that give upgrades will most likely be added as well. There's a lot of things we have yet to discuss and decide on. Feel free to post your ideas for this pack in this thread!

How can I join?

Simple! Just leave a reply in this thread about how you want to contribute and add me on Discord (Primpy#8692) for more details and further instructions. You can help by creating a level, making art or sprites, programming or testing the levels. Please talk to me before working on anything however, as proper organizing is needed in order to create a cohesive, well-structured community project.

Who is working on this project?

  • Primpy - Level, Organizing
  • Seren - Level, Programming
  • Violet CLM - Level, Programming (?)
  • PurpleJazz - Level, Programming
  • Treylina - Level, Assets
  • Loon - Level
  • cooba - Level
  • FawFul - Level (?)
  • Archon - Level
  • Lynx - Assets

What tilesets should I use?

Anything goes, as long as it looks Halloween-themed. Here's a list of some tilesets that could be used:

Anything else?

For now, that's pretty much it. If you want to help with this project, you'll get more details from our discussion server. I'll probably update this thread if there's anything new about HH20 that is worth mentioning. Until then... Let's boooooo this!
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