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4 Mar 2018 at 12:12 (Minor update on 4 Mar 2018)

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Blackraptor (More uploads by Blackraptor)
Myself & Salamander, "Undone by the Blood" remix by Alex Roe, tiles imported from sets originally authored by Galavant (Gothic Cathedral), Waz (Dark Reign), Violet CLM (Medvio, edited by Trey&Cooba) and also from various Castlevania games, Purplejazz for the 'Sanguine Spear' custom weapon and general support, Smoke for originally ripping some of the Castlevania tiles and giving general support, Violet for making the Multi-Layer Level Editor I used to build this, FelipeY for the Vicar Amelia sketch, everybody else who provided feedback and supported the development of this map, and the moon.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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olcnoct.j2l Nocturne 38.06 kB 04 Mar 2018
Gothic 1.23.j2t Gothic 1.23 134.77 kB 02 Aug 2010
HauntedH1.j2t Haunted House 353.15 kB 17 Feb 1999
MedvioS.j2t MedvioS 112.17 kB 10 Apr 2015
nocturne-base.j2t Nocturne Base Set 264.94 kB 24 Feb 2018
nocturne-xtra.j2t Castlevania Addon 98.34 kB 12 Feb 2018
Waz18.j2t Dark Reign (waz18) 51.71 kB 09 Mar 2007
Syringe.j2a 2.90 kB 25 Jun 2017
Blood.ogg 4122.44 kB 11 Feb 2018
olcnoct.j2as 11.54 kB 04 Mar 2018
bell.wav 689.11 kB 12 Feb 2018
MLLE-Include-1.4.asc 9.55 kB 04 Mar 2018
olcnoct-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 25.44 kB 04 Mar 2018
olcnoct-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 18.95 kB 04 Mar 2018
olcnoct-MLLE-Data-3.j2l MLLE Extra Data 16.40 kB 04 Mar 2018


A spontaneously made battle map with a very distinct theme. I wanted to do something to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of JJ2 and was undeterred by having not made a battle map in almost 12 years, although this was originally going to be a sun-themed ctf map. Along with Castamere and Pinball Arena 2k15, this concludes my trinity of modern multiplayer maps that I never expected would see the light of day.

Huge thanks to Sal and hope you enjoy the map



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Quick Reviews Average: 7.7

cooba rated 5

Well designed, but those terrible recolors of Medvio and Waz18 are just unacceptable.

RecommendedFireSworD rated 8.5

While I am not a huge fan of “occult” themed levels, I think Nocturne is generally visually appealing, with “off-colors” giving a surreal feel to certain parts, but some of the eye-candy is slightly distracting. I consider the layout, game-play etc to be generic.

RecommendedLoon rated 8.1

A pretty small level compared from what we’ve seen from blacky. Though the visuals are still pretty neat to look at. Though it’s really hard to navigate in this map since it’s dark. That’s the main reason for me not to rate this higher. Though it’s layout and gameplay is decent. The background looks wonderful with the scripted additions.

RecommendedDragusela rated 9

Pretty nice

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