Palette Swap Animations
Tileset Basics
  Compiling a tileset
Tilesets Masks
  Masking in general
Tilesets Palettes
  16 bit to 8 bit
  Creating the Palette
  3D Tileset Objects
  Underwater Ambient Lighting
Jcs events
  Ambient sounds (Howto JCS)
  Mystery of the Pacman Ghost
  Destruct Scenery
  Buttstomp Scenery
  MCE's - why and how
  Events moved by belts
  Event Theory
Jcs interface
  JCS Hotkeys
  Textured Backgrounds
Leveldesign theory
  Important phrases (Howto JCS)
  Bouncy things
Leveldesign tutorials
  Making a simple level (Howto JCS)
  Layers (Howto JCS)
  Background Music
  Cool layer tricks
  Trigger Scenery in background layers
  Tile Cache
  Motion Blur
  Remembering Triggers
  Links and Resources
  Welcome to JCSref
  Detached Starfields

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This month's feature articles

Featured articles for February:

Evilmike explains how Trigger zones and crates work and also talks about a very advanced trick. It's a great article and I can recommend everyone to read it.

Electric talks about how you can add the hidden Pacman ghost event to JCS. If you have TSF you should read this article, because it uncovers a whole new enemy!

Flash explains the basic JCS Hotkeys. If you are a JCS beginner you might want to read this, as it will enable you to work much more efficient and fast.

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