Permalink LFG-2000 AEG project is finished! July 30th 2014

Source: JCF

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Permalink PC Gamer reposts Jazz 1 review from 1995 July 20th 2014

Source: PC Gamer

Intentionally, just to be clear.

PC Gamer reposts classic reviews every Sunday, but you can’t tell me the choice of Jazz Jackrabbit CD for today’s wasn’t inspired by all the recent BlueStreak hubbub. It’s a positive review that notably makes next to no mention of gameplay. Jazz 1 was a technological showcase in 1994, easy as that can be to forget in this modern age with our endless waves of indie 2D platformers, and the PC Gamer review bought completely into the “just as good as home consoles” narrative, though it does take some time to praise things that are more artistic than technological, like Nick’s amazing character animation.


Quick news bit:

More videos! Hoodoo456 did a Let's Play of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, in three parts. Check the JCF thread for links and info! Stijn

Quick news bit:

If you're here fresh off the LGR review, welcome! Please check out some of our top-rated levels and tilesets.. And don't forget to download the JJ2+ mod and read its massive list of bug fixes and new features Stick around for as long as you like, and be sure to have some online multiplayer fun! Violet CLM

Permalink C. Bleszinski, Esq., does another Reddit AMA July 11th 2014

Source: Reddit

EDIT: This is over now.

News never stops (and neither does the PR machine): Cliff Bleszinski, who needs no introduction here, is was doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit again, in response to his teaming up with Arjan Brussee and forming Boss Key.

As announced, Boss Key is currently working on arena shooter BlueStreak, so the AMA is mostly about that. But there’s also some Jazz questions in there, such as WHY AREN’T THE JAZZ GAMES RELEASED ON GOG YET? (answer: go bug Epic)


Permalink Lazy Game Reviews does Jazz Jackrabbit 2 July 11th 2014

Source: YouTube (via Haze)

After reviewing Jazz Jackrabbit 1 back in 2011, YouTube game reviewers Lazy Game Reviews are now back with a feature on its sequel!

A cursory glance reveals that this will be a video mostly interesting to those who have not been following the game closely for years already (though they do mention JJ2+ and show its splash screen at the end!), but either way it’s an entertaining video review. Check it out below:


Permalink Boss Key to make arena shooter July 8th 2014

Source: twitter

We mentioned the other day that Arjan and CliffyB were reuniting to form a new game studio. This was accompanied by speculation that they’d acquired the Jazz license from Epic Games, fueled by a quote from an anonymous source who turned out to be deeply confused, deliberately misleading, or just incredibly sarcastic. Either way, we apologize for relaying it to you. Anyway, the real story is in, and it’s not bad.

BlueStreak, the game’s current codename, will be “a Free2Play Sci-Fi PC arena shooter.” Personally I’d call JJ2 an arena shooter, though I’m sure someone will be along to vehemently disagree with me on that front. :) And if it’s free to play, that means we don’t need to buy it! Obviously F2Pness is a hot-button issue in the gaming world, but I think we can trust Cliffy and Arjan enough to have some more interesting take on the subject than “pay to win.”

That’s all we really know so far, except that Arjan and Cliffy will be working on it with Nexon. This doesn’t tell us much about the game’s style, since Nexon’s past output ranges from the 2D cartoony Maple Story to the 3D gray and brown Combat Arms. Still, this screenshot from August might be a hint…

(EDIT: And if you’re more interested in following Epic Games, here’s a new gameplay trailer for Fortnite.)


Permalink Arjan and CliffyB reunite July 4th 2014

Source: Control Magazine (Dutch)

…in CliffyB’s new development studio, Boss Key Productions, with a new project set to be revealed this Tuesday.

There’s only one way this can end, right?

UPDATE: Well, what do you know. From a source close to Arjan:

There will be a Jazz Jackrabbit game
The rights are a whole again.

UPDATE 2: :(


Permalink Epic Meganews #2 June 15th 2014


It’s that time again: the twentieth anniversary of Epic Meganews Issue 2! This time there was rather more to be said about Jazz 1, though the issue was understandably frontloaded with Traffic Department 2192’s release:


Abracadabra! Epic is about to pull a rabbit out of its hat, and this little bunny carries a big gun. Jazz Jackrabbit is speedier than a hedgehog and more fun than going to hell! :-)

Our hero Jazz is on a mission to save bunny babe Eva Earlong, and he’ll go up against a cast of thousands of enemies in order to save his girl.

  • Jazz’s BONUS STAGE features ultra high-tech 3D graphics!
  • Find ultra-cool weapons, such as the Bouncy Bullets and the LFG 2000!
  • 60 frames-per-second scrolling. Whoa boy, this is FAST!
  • A truly rocking soundtrack!

We’re not giving an official release date for Jazz, but we will put out a special issue of MegaNews as soon as it’s available. We just didn’t want to tarnish our excellent reputation with release dates… Not! :-)

Since Issue #1 announced Epic Baseball was delayed, and Issue #2 announced OMF 2097 was delayed, their reputation indeed could little handle the tarnishing. :) Anyway, that’s the first real info the world got! A couple lawyer-friendly references to Sonic and Doom, one questionable figure (“thousands” of enemies would mean at minimum roughly fifty-six enemies per normal level, which seems unlikely), and a whole bunch of excitement. Only a month and a half left to go!


Permalink New server June 14th 2014

Jazz2Online has just moved to a new server. What does this mean?

  • It probably won’t be offline most of the time any more, and it’s a bit faster. Hooray!
  • Some forum posts and uploads that were made after yesterday might be lost. Sorry!
  • There might be some errors here and there. Boo! Please let us know in the comments if you encounter any problems or error messages and we’ll try to fix them as soon as possible.


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