Permalink Jazz2Online became 15 years old! August 6th 2015


You might have noticed, you see now the old version of Jazz2Online. This to celebrate the 15th birthday of this webpage.

So take a cake, download something and review it!


Permalink JDC 23 Awards Online, JDC 24 Announced August 1st 2015

Source: Jazz Duelist's Challenge

The awards for the past season have finally been posted, and the next season has been subsequently announced. JDC 24 is set to begin on August 15th, which is two weeks from now!

If you like messing about with graphics, be sure to check out the logo contest on the JCF.


Permalink Battery Check overview on YouTube June 30th 2015

Source: YouTube

Battery Check videos are few and far between, but here’s one from last month that gives some… interesting… context at the start of the video.

(Battery Check, as you know, is freeware nowadays.)

This was posted on RabbitJournal on June 30th 2015. You can post, too!

Permalink Ori 40% off June 18th 2015

Source: Steam

When last we posted about Ori and the Blind Forest, that pretty platformer game from et and EvilMike (and some other people), it had literally just come out. Most of the comments were either surprise at the news, initial impressions based on screenshots or videos, or discussion of finances in other countries.

But it’s been a while! Have you played it by now? Do you agree with what Steam calls its “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception? And if you don’t have it, it’s on sale for 40% off and will be for the next thirty-eight or so lots and lots of hours, so I guess now’s your chance.

(Noogy’s Dust, meanwhile, is a whole 66% off, bringing it down to just five bucks.)


Permalink A poll, for you June 12th 2015

Best JJ2 episode?
Formerly a Prince 4 votes (11%)
Jazz in Time 7 votes (19%)
Flashback 14 votes (38%)
Funky Monkeys 3 votes (8%)
Shareware Demo 5 votes (13%)
Holiday Hare '98 0 vote (0%)
The Secret Files 3 votes (8%)
Total votes: 36

However cool Colonius, Carrotus and whatever the other new planets are named were, apparently JJ1’s locales still trump them.

It’s been a slow few weeks in the world of Jazz Jackrabbit. What gets you pumped about the game? New levels? Tournaments? Or is everyone just busy with work or school? Find out in this month’s poll!!


Permalink Jazz 2 mentioned at GDC 2015 May 9th 2015

Source: GDCVault

This is a couple months old now—we don’t have a regular GDC correspondent on the payroll—but you might enjoy it anyway. This year’s Game Developers Conference included a talk, “Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers,” which included a couple shoutouts to JJ2 for being innovative and unique and beautiful. Tune in around the 23 minute mark, or read the text version instead. If you’re interested in game development, though, it may be worth sticking around for the whole thing.


Permalink Poll-yamory May 4th 2015

It’s been a month; let’s keep things running.

Are there games you spend more time with than JJ2?
No, JJ2 is my primary game/community. 12 votes (29%)
Only one, but Jazz is near the very top. 6 votes (14%)
Two or three, I guess. 11 votes (26%)
Four to seven. 3 votes (7%)
Eight or more... Jazz is, like, okay, you know? 9 votes (21%)
Total votes: 41

The new poll is a pretty simple one, following in the footsteps of other simple polls, but it doesn’t actually seem to have been done before. What is the Best JJ2 episode? Your criteria for choosing an episode are entirely up to you… level design? enemies and bosses? music? tilesets? Whichever. Four of the answers have 6 levels, two have 3, and one has 9, and I guess we’ll see if that affects things at all.


Permalink Unniversary bash + contest still going May 1st 2015

Source: JCF Thread

Did you know the UNniversary bash is starting tomorrow? It’s a not-so-annual event where I host a bunch of bash levels throughout the years – from the very first one! I think it will last two days.

And did you know my small tileset contest is still going? Chances are I will extend the deadline again due to lack of entries.

This was posted on RabbitJournal on May 1st 2015. You can post, too!

Quick news bit:, an index of all module music that can be found on J2O, searchable by keyword ("space", "nature") is back after being down for a good while. Stijn

Permalink Largely accurate RPS article about JJ2+ April 21st 2015

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Welcome to anyone just joining us from Rock Paper Shotgun! The major misconception from RPS’ writeup that you should be quickly disabused of: actually, Jazz 2 has had a map (and tileset) editor since the day it was released, meaning we have many thousands of custom downloads for you to check out. :) Or just join an online server hosting some of them.

For everyone else reading this: hey, everybunny, we got on Rock Paper Shotgun!


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