Permalink IGN Benelux talks about Arjan and Cliffy B February 22nd 2015


The Dutch version of IGN has made an article about the carriers of our Jazz Jackrabbit developers Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski. They are going pretty deep with the story of our favorite hare. What games they have produced and where it all ended. They also conclude that Jazz Jackrabbit has sparked a love for sci-fi. As since all their previous games were about guns, aliens and futuristic stuff.

Go give it a read here on IGN Benelux (Dutch)


Permalink Small tileset contest! February 11th 2015

Source: JCF thread

And you could win £25! That’s £1 more than the previous contest of mine. WOW! There’s also a second place prize of £12.50, providing another entry is good quality enough. The max size is 320×480 pixels (150 tiles).

Here’s the thread, if you’re interested.

The deadline is the 11th of April 2015

So get your tileset making whatevers going!

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Permalink JDC - ODT Level Contest February 2nd 2015

Source: JDC

Fancy the chance to have your own level feature in an ODT event in a future round? Now you can! We are going to be hosting a contest to design a level suitable for play in an ODT event.

While that means that the level probably shouldn’t be too large for duelling, there’s no upper or lower size limit so feel free to decide on a suitable size yourself. The gamemode should be Battle, with a primary focus on gameplay and fun factor, be relatively easy to learn and should preferably discourage camping. Gimmicks are allowed but are generally not advisable; this includes gameplay elements such as death pits, excessive use of warps and/or sucker tubes. Eyecandy is not important – as long the level is easy on the eyes and there aren’t any distracting elements then the level should be fine in this aspect.

Unlike last season’s contest, there will be a generous point bonus awarded for the creator of the winning entry, with potential prizes for runners up too depending on the amount of entries this contest receives. That means that if you’re playing to win, it may be worth finding some spare time to make a level for this contest! The deadline is Saturday 21st February; in other words the end of Round 3. The winning entry will then be played in a subsequent round.

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Permalink The Jazz Duelist's Challenge returns January 30th 2015

Source: JDC

In a surprise twist, JDC is back for another season! It’s scheduled to start tomorrow, so go login right now to have your account activated.

See you all at the opening event!


Permalink Omri Lahav makes a guitar remix of Medieval Jam January 30th 2015

Source: YouTube

Some of us might already have heard about Omri Lahav and his Jazz Jackrabbit 2 soundtrack remixes. He recently published on Youtube his guitar remix of Medieval Jam. Give it a shot!

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Permalink JCS Awards 2014: results January 25th 2015

Source: JCF thread

The voting is now over. Thanks for all your votes and thanks to JCS users for providing the site with quality downloads. Here’s a list of community’s choices on the best uploads and uploaders of 2014:

Best Battle Level
Decimation by Sir Ementaler

Best CTF Level
Ancient Museum by FireSworD

Best Other MP Level
Overgrown by Laro B.

Best Single Player Release
Sonic with a Gun by Violet CLM

Best Use of AngelScript
Decimation by Sir Ementaler

Best JCSer

View the JCF post for more details, runner-ups and a summary.
Congratulations to all the winners!

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Permalink 'Play JJ2 With Your Real Name' week January 22nd 2015


Me and Invisible had this idea to orginise a ‘Play JJ2 With Your Real Name’ week (well it was originaly supposed to be a day, but i figured it wouldn’t be that fun anyway).
The week will be officaly started from Monday, 26th of January (according to the Gregorian calendar) to 1st of February, 2015
The week will be changed to some other close date next year, and so on.
What you have to do is basicly replace your JJ2 nickname with your real name before entering a server. i-)

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Permalink JCS Awards: voting January 15th 2015

Source: JCF thread

Nominations are complete, so itís time to vote for the best levels of 2014! There are six different categories for levels, plus one category for overall best JCSer, so whatever you like playing, hopefully thereís at least one category you feel comfortable voting for.

You arenít required to have played every single level nominated for a category to vote, but you might as well, right? Head on over to the JCF to see the lists and to cast your votes.


Permalink Playing JJ1 in your browser probably isn't legal, sorry January 9th 2015

There was a newspost here earlier about being able to play a commercial release of Jazz 1 in your browser on a certain archiving website. I have deleted that newspost. I don’t have specifics available for you yet, but based on my private communication with an Epic Games spokesperson, it seems Epic was not made aware of the archiving website’s intentions and is now in consultation with its legal department. (3D Realms, another publisher with games playable on that website, is already aware of the issue but last I checked hasn’t yet taken specific actions against it.)

It’s certainly possible that Epic Games will decide that they’re okay with this, but at the moment they have very much not done so, and in the meantime this should be viewed as analogous to any other warez/abandonware site. Links will not be appreciated. (Or if you’d like a more flattering comparison, consider how many full movies and TV shows are hosted on YouTube until the rights holders complain to Google about them.)

In the meantime, if you really want to play JJ1 online, Classic Dos Games has had the shareware version (with HH94 included) available for years…


Permalink J2O widescreen mode January 5th 2015

An (experimental, probably bug-riddled) widescreen site mode has been added. You can enable it in your site settings (click “Edit settings” at the top while logged in). More info on the JCF.


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