Diamondus Ultimate

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12 Feb 2024 at 20:25 (Minor update on 13 Feb 2024)

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DoubleGJ (More uploads by DoubleGJ)
Tileset conversion
Original tileset by Nick ''Nickadoo'' Stadler. Includes elements from previous edits by: BlurredD (tiles, palettes), EvilMike (palette), FawFul (tiles, palettes), PurpleJazz (palette), Pyromanus (tiles, palettes), VioletCLM (alternate poster). Waterfall animation by Nauris Amatnieks (modified). Example level credits: scripting assistance by Seren, SJ and Speaktrap; dialogue script by VioletCLM; custom samples from FreeSound.org + @soundeffects3761 and @Gamerboy26 on YouTube; music by fearofdark and Biggyzoom.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
DiamUlt.zip (18.69 MB)

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DiamUltEx.j2l Diamondus Ultimate 49.22 kB 12 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-BNight.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Beta Night) 922.04 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Candy.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Candy) 922.08 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Day.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Day) 921.27 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-DDay.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Dust Day) 921.29 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-DNight.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Dust Night) 922.00 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Dreary.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Dreary) 921.70 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Eve.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Evening) 921.39 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Evil.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Evil) 922.02 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Garden.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Garden) 921.38 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Lava.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Lava) 921.38 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Midn.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Midnight) 922.04 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Night.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Night) 921.96 kB 11 Feb 2024
DiamUlt-Storm.j2t Diamondus Ultimate (Storm) 922.27 kB 11 Feb 2024
DD-Anims.j2a 122.30 kB 10 Feb 2024
Gore.it Gore 541.17 kB 03 Jan 2004
DD-DiamFunk.xm Diamondus Funk 646.36 kB 11 Feb 2024
Biggyzoom - Diamondus (Reggae Remix).mp3 Diamondus (Reggae Remix) 4184.57 kB 10 Dec 2010
DiamUltEx.j2as 27.48 kB 13 Feb 2024
DD-Order.asc 14.54 kB 13 Feb 2024
children-yay.wav 342.06 kB 02 May 2023
floppy-read.wav 152.51 kB 04 Feb 2024
night-loop.wav 206.60 kB 02 Feb 2024
owl-loop1.wav 206.97 kB 03 Feb 2024
owl-loop2.wav 150.51 kB 03 Feb 2024
party-horn.wav 73.63 kB 02 May 2023
waterfall-loop.wav 840.25 kB 23 Jan 2024
MLLE-Include-1.6.asc 23.90 kB 12 Feb 2024
DiamUltEx-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 27.74 kB 12 Feb 2024


What started as a restoration project bloated up to a culmination of all JJ2 versions of Diamondus that came before. This huge tileset conversion allows you not only to use the retail and beta Diamondus tiles without borrowing them from other tilesets with AS/MLLE, but also to seamlessly connect them as you please. Completely new stuff is added too to give more customizability, more use for certain types of tiles, and support for more tile-based events (ie. sucker tubes, water blocks). 3870 tiles, 13 palettes.

Because there is so much added, the difficulty ceiling of putting the tileset to good use is inexorably significantly increased. Though I tried to make the layout logical, while also making it (mostly) backwards compatible so that it’s more inviting, over time as I made fixes and necessary additions it became really hard to keep such a huge thing completely in order. Hopefully, just as with the original JJ2 tilesets, even some mess here and there can be overcome with muscle memory.

While the tileset doesn’t require JJ2+ to be used effectively – in fact, that’s probably the main reason why it’s so big and convoluted – the example level requires it. Hence the upload tag.

The example level also doubles as a demo for my SP episode, as it is one of its levels that was really asking for a rework. So, by needing something to show off how to use Diamondus Ultimate, I managed to kill two birds with one stone! All story stuff is removed though.

I really recommend playing on medium or even easy difficulty on your first go, so you can focus on tileset tips it includes – higher difficulties, like in JJ1, have a time limit!

And yes, the winter palette from Pyromanus’ Diamondus Beta is missing. I want to give it some extra attention so it actually looks like winter, and not just light blue summer with the snow event and some questionable color choices. However, I also didn’t want to extend the production time of this upload even longer than it already took. Expect a separate upload sometime later (likely near winter holidays).

[Minor update: level ranking now properly appears immediately as level ends]


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RecommendedPrimpy rated 10

Oh boy, what a treat! An amazing tileset accompanied by an amazing example level. This is a labor of love and it really shows.

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