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Conducted August 2004. Not really an interview, more like a chat log. Sorry if I seem a bit boneheaded at times, as you can see by the timestamps it was getting a little late. ;)

SteelTalon (11:20 PM): golex

SteelTalon (11:22 PM): hmm I guess you're not there

SteelTalon (11:23 PM): anyway, if you remember jazz jackrabbit 2, go to

SteelTalon (11:23 PM): and if you still happen to have it installed then we would like your old levels. so if you somehow still have them email them to me at

SteelTalon (11:24 PM): if not, no big deal. we're just fleshing out our retro collection ;) (yes a few people actually still play it, though I probably cannot be counted among them)

golex0007 (11:29 PM): Man

golex0007 (11:29 PM): I barely remember doing that stuff :-)

golex0007 (11:29 PM): I don't have my maps anymore

SteelTalon (11:29 PM): heh thought so

SteelTalon (11:29 PM): it was hard to track you down ;P

golex0007 (11:29 PM): lol

golex0007 (11:30 PM): had alot of fun mapping, and made a few good ones, but wouldn't know where to find them anymore

SteelTalon (11:30 PM): theyre probably gone. that was another era

golex0007 (11:30 PM): so there is still a JJ2 community? that is insane

SteelTalon (11:30 PM): yeah there is still a small community

SteelTalon (11:31 PM): mostly people just go on the forum, but a handful of people actually play. that is largely in "league" play though

golex0007 (11:31 PM): impressive

golex0007 (11:32 PM): fquist still around?

SteelTalon (11:32 PM): J20 is still going pretty strong. you can cruise around for a bit of nostalgia i guess. yeah fquist is heading up J20

golex0007 (11:32 PM): I talked to him like a year ago

SteelTalon (11:32 PM): oh yeah?

golex0007 (11:33 PM): thats probably the extent of the people I remember from JJ2, lol, and damn that was like 8 years ago

SteelTalon (11:34 PM): heh yeah. most people that hang around do so just to talk to ppl. and the nostalgia factor

golex0007 (11:34 PM): anyway, if anyone is interested n my whereabouts, give them my aim sn. I graduated from college in May and started my own business:

SteelTalon (11:35 PM): cool. guess I can update your profile then ;P

golex0007 (11:35 PM): lol, sounds good

SteelTalon (11:35 PM): its very odd but every once in a while I still have some kind of obsessive compulsive thing to map. thus a spontaneous release like every 2 years

golex0007 (11:36 PM): wow, heh

SteelTalon (11:36 PM): even though nobody plays anymore. its funny. I probably would do some unreal mapping but my experience with that editor has been, uh, testy for lack of a better word

golex0007 (11:37 PM): I am not creative enough to map, dunno how I pulled it off back then

SteelTalon (11:38 PM): heh. I'm all creativity no work ;) looking at your website. so you own this store then?

golex0007 (11:38 PM): yeah

SteelTalon (11:39 PM): looks like you run a small LAN too

golex0007 (11:39 PM): the business is a LAN

SteelTalon (11:40 PM): ahhh. I was under the impression you sold games too

golex0007 (11:40 PM): nope

SteelTalon (11:40 PM): so you opened up this store? got dreams of a huge chain someday? ;)

golex0007 (11:41 PM): yes

SteelTalon (11:41 PM): good stuff man. what made you want to open a lan center? think there's good opportunity for expansion in that business?

golex0007 (11:42 PM): bunch of bored rich kids here in Kingwood with nothing to do

golex0007 (11:42 PM): and definite opportunity for expansion

golex0007 (11:42 PM): industry is very fragmented right now

golex0007 (11:43 PM): anyway, we are about to close up for the night so I gotta run, talk to you later man

SteelTalon (11:43 PM): heh ok. peace out dude

golex0007 (11:43 PM): Cya